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Jaime "Jay" Alvarado

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This topic will showcase the sinister life of Jaime "Jay" Alvarado, a youngster born in Paleto Bay. Jay lost his only half-dependent parent at the age of eighteen to a rival Sureno clique, his father left him with nothing. He decided to turn to the life of crime, selling hard drugs from his residence within the South Seas complex purchased online, until he was setup by the detectives bureau in a sting operation. Jay's residence was raided and large quantities of heroin & methamphetamine were seized. He was taken to jail, Jay made a friend whilst in jail who went by the name "F50" who was an affiliate of the Norteño gang, FATBOYZ 14 which Jay was aware of and which was based in Paleto Bay. Members of the FATBOYZ 14 attributed themselves with the Nuestra Familia whilst in prison. F50, Jay and a few other affiliates met in jail served their lengthy sentences in the correctional facility involving themselves in prison riots, fights and drug trafficking.




"They had decided enough was enough and released themselves from the grips of the sphere of influence of the Norteño gang and had released ALL ties becoming San Andreas first Bulldogs gang. Gang skirmishes still happen to this day between the two rivaling gang out-side and within prison walls. These Bayside Bulldogs members are easy to distinguish out of the two knowing that they both fly the colours red. Active gang-members of the Bayside Bulldog members are most easily represented by sporting merchandise of the Fresno State Bulldogs team along-side the tattoos that they carry on themselves which may occur to have abbreviations of BDS of such, dog-paws, four dots (a tattoo known to be also worn by the Norteños) as-well as a Fresno State Bulldog casted on themselves. Due to it being such an independent set this gang has no real infrastructure to it despite it's militant ways, a-lot of the influence over the Bayside Bulldogs gang varies between the gang itself in regards to locations due to broken down "cliques" of the gang due to the sheer membership that is held proving difficult for prosecutors to be able to crack down on any form of leadership because there simply isn't one making the gang some-what bulletproof to gang-injunctions."

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