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Add more convenience store items.


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Short description: Add more convenience store items such as alcohol, etc.

Detailed description: Add more items to convenience stores such as chips, juices like orange juice, cigarettes and alcoholic beverages like beer.

Commands to add: None.

Items to add: Chips, orange juice,  cigarettes such as Redwood Gold and regular alcoholic beverages normally sold in convenience stores such as Patriot. For example, in real life convenience stores sell cigarettes and alcoholic drinks like Corona.

How would your suggestion improve the server? I believe that my suggestion could help improve the server because liquor stores as well as tobacco places are usually inactive. People usually like roleplaying to purchase their items and convenience stores are more often open than liquor stores and tobacco stores which is why I believe that having regular items like these in convenience stores would help improve roleplay by a lot. For the other items I stated like chips, this could help roleplay a lot as many people want to purchase all of these items that are not actually available in all convenience stores scriptly.

Additional information: None.

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1 hour ago, DLimit said:

Why aren't "chips" added to convenience stores? That'd be nice... cereal, chips, and straight up bread.

I know I only stated stuff like cigarettes and alcohol, but many other things could be added as well which would be great to have.

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6 hours ago, Bauer said:

Maybe a script for store owners to add custom items to their buy menu? Kinda like how restaurants can make items.

Unique item stores require an employee actively working at the business and creating that item on the spot. Allowing other business models to set up a custom buy menu would enhance on the issue of certain business types only seen as a means of passive income rather than a business and roleplay hub as they are intended to be. Whilst I would support a hybrid of convenience store and unique item store as of an employee actively working and creating those items when sold on the spot rather than an extended buy menu, I smell a lot of abuse and also bad blood from those that "only" have a unique item store - Why shouldn't they have the opportunity to have a buy menu of basic items in addition to the possibility for unique items?

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