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Azuko    5

Mad City News Network

Man Stabbed at Burton Club Written by Frank Quinonez

11/12/2020, Burton



LSSD and LSPD both arrived onto the scene to assist the injured.


The Los Santos Police Department and Los Santos County Sheriff's Department arrived on scene of a stabbing at a popular club located in Burton. Preliminary investigations conducted by both the LSPD and LSSD resulted in no suspect being described or named. One individual, a man of foreign descent who seemed to work at the club, refused to give any details to the inquiring Officers. The individual left the scene as soon as the Officers finished their inquiry.



LSFD arriving to assist.


The Los Santos County Sheriff's Department seems to be spearheading the investigation into the matter. The victim, an older Hispanic male from Los Santos, is in critical condition, but is expected to survive. Investigators hope to put a close to the investigation as quickly as possible.



LSFD conducting life-saving measures.


The Mad City News Network prides itself on reporting things AS THEY HAPPEN. Edits may be made following publishing.


If you support this publication and its outlook, please consider donating!


(( /banktransfer to Francis Quinonez ))

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Azuko    5

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ez    308

Username: money$dolla$bill$shqip

Comement: ahhh, welcome to Burton

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Username: billy

Comment: lmaoo niggas still going to strip clubs in 2020? 💀💀 im sleep go get you some money and pussy my g

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MomoIsHere    311


Comment: imagine just wanting to see some tits and then getting stabbed. F

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