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game doesnt start anymore all of a sudden


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hey, the last couple of days i could play without any problems whatsoever, now when i try to launch gta world my rockstar games social club just pops up like it always does, then closes it self and nothing else happens. idk what the issue is now, anyone had that problem? or anyone know the solution?

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Go to your GTA-V Folder (Where GTAV.exe is inside) create a file named commandline.txt 


Content of this file should be:



Save then start rage, try to connect on the server. NOW, your social club will close again and open back up after logging you in (If not manually open Social Club Launcher). Press Play on GTA:V inside the Social Club Launcher.



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i tried reinstalling my rage, it installed while i was outside but soon as i came home it showed me some error ( cant remember what it said) 

now when i try to start rage mp it wants to download something but it doesnt get any progress whatsoever

i really need help rn coz i wanna play

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