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Facebrowser - Page Verification Requests

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St3fan[NL]    380



Facebrowser - Page Verification Requests


On Facebrowser, our social media platform, you can create pages to post content on. These pages can be for a specific theme, movement or a business/organisation page. Facebrowser is offering the ability to become a verified page, meaning when people visit your page they know it is the official page of said subject.


Request Requirements

  • Your page must not be breaking any of the Facebrowser terms of use.
  • Your page must be active.
  • Your page must be beneficial to society. (E.g. Government organization pages)


Request Process

Go towards your page, go into the settings menu and you will find a Verification menu option. Fill out the reason why you wish to become a verified page. A Facebrowser moderator will handle the request and approve or decline it.



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