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Continued discussion regarding nudity on GTA World


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Hey, seeing as my suggestion thread

got closed (which I obviously respect Anselmi's decision, although I disagree with the non-reasoning given), I wanted to know what the rest of the GTA World community thinks.


Is ingame nudity necessary to properly immerse yourself into the game? Roleplay sex scenes are undoubtedly a touchy subject, but sex itself is perfectly natural and does happen in the real world, so I don't really see anything wrong with roleplaying the act for the purpose of character development. We roleplay the most heinous things, including murder, robberies, gun play, drug use, drug dealing, etc., so while roleplay sex is mostly frowned upon, it's certainly more natural than the aforementioned actions, and does also serve its purpose. Obviously it does play a big part in our everyday rp, seeing as there's multiple animations to properly play out a scenario in which the act of sex happens.


I just wanted to make this thread to further the discussion on what roleplay sex really means to the GTA World playerbase. This is not meant to be a thread complaining about my suggestion getting closed, but moreso one to debate the worth roleplay sex has in regards to important character development. Think relationships, one night stands, pregnancy, etc.


Thank you


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