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What games should I try?


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I recon if you still are looking for games, there's an really good single player game by the name of "Sleeping Dogs". I have it and played it for a while, finished in 3 days but I really really wanted much more from that, but really, it's an amazing singleplayer game to play. Also, for shooters, I guess any CODs, older ones, which are legendary are occasionally my go to.

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On 11/7/2020 at 4:48 PM, Fl00der said:

Recently, I got bored playing the same few games I have over and over again, but I dunno what game should I try out next, since I have no idea what to play.

I mostly like fps shooters, but I'm always interested in something new. Also, I tend to like multiplayer games more, but I'm okay with singleplayer too. Oh, and I have a low-mid end computer, so I can't really run 2020 games on extra graphics. So, what games should I try?


I appreciate every bit of suggestion. 🙂

Detroit - Become Human
Heavy Rain
Quantum Break
Beyond Two Souls

Little Nightmare
The Pedestrian

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if you have friends, try out some co-op/multiplayer games as games are much more fun to play when you have friends. :sadge:


Here are a list of some co-op/multiplayer games I recommend playing with a touch of singleplayer games:


- Left 4 Dead 2 (oldie but goodie, fun zombie pew pew game)

- Phasmophobia (horror, also epic in VR if u have VR)

- Apex Legends (if you're into battle royale games, it's pretty fun)

- Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Warzone (another fun battle royale game if u like battle royale games)

- Little Nightmare 1/2 (person above me said little nightmare, but that was the first version. both versions should be fun to play)

- Devour (fun co-op horror game)

- Pacify (another fun co-op horror game)

- The Forest (fun co-op survival and horrorish game)

- In Silence (fun co-op horror game, except one person plays as the monster, and the other are survivors)

- Prop and Seek (free epic game where you play against other players. the whole point of the game is to hide from the seekers, but you're hiding as a prop such as a small structure instead of hiding as a regular individual)

- Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (if u have a good enough PC, you're into flying games, and you wanna pickup a controller or a joystick, then this is a fun game to play. although, i recommend doing some research on it and see if it would work out with your specs as it is a very demanding game)

- Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto SA, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Vice City (more oldie but goodies, especially if u mod them)

- War Thunder (another free multiplayer flying game where u can go in the air or be on the ground and pew pew the other team. although, some people may think of war thunder as P2W since you can purchase some stuff for your own advantage in winning)

- World of War Ships (just like war thunder, still a free multiplayer game, except that you're doing pew pew in ships, not planes or ground vehicles)

- Deceit (free epic co-op horror game which i think is similar to in silence regarding the playstyle, havent played it tho so idk) 

- Cry of Fear (another free story epic co-op horror game)

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Ok let me start from somewhere, from retro games to modern games.

[Retro Games]:

Hotline Miami

Project Zomboid

Neon Abyss




Subnautica Below Zero

Project Zomboid [again]


Dying Light



NFS Heat

Assetto Corsa

Initial D


[3rd person fighter]

Genshin Impact

Sekiro Shadows die twice 


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It might sound like a cliche, but I recommend the old but gold one, CSGO. Many of us played it at least once, which is proof the game is good. It captivates you a lot, and I cannot say it is hard for beginners. You will also see your growth without problems, and the main benefit of popular games is that you can quickly get some help online if you don't understand something; there are many players out there willing to help a novice. There are also many platforms for skins exchange, such as Skinsmonkey, which make your game a bit more interesting.

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