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 Feature Showcase: Weapon-Wheel





A more compact Weapon-Wheel has been implemented which allows HotKey-Access to the Weapon-Slots and sets the base for the correct implementation of possible new weapon mods in the future.


Furthermore, you can use this Weapon-Wheel inside of your Vehicle as well, in order to benefit from the Quick-Switching and Selection in Drive-Bys.







Press TAB and hold it to open the Selection. After that, either use your Mouse or Press the According Slot-Key (Indicated as the Small number on each Slot) to Switch to your desired Slot. Should you have more than one Weapon on your Slot, use your Mouse and Scrollwheel to switch through the said Slot.



Should you want to go back or switch between the Native GTA-V WeaponWheel and this one,  use /togww.





This Revamp was not only necessary in order to break down the GTA-V Weapon-Wheel, with its excessive Slots, into a more Roleplay-Environment friendly one, but also to lay the base for Addon Weapons, which otherwise would have no Icon on the Old Display.





Commands & Keys


TAB-Key- To open the Selection.

TAB-Key + HOTKEY-SLOT- To quickly switch to a Slot

(OVER A SLOT) MOUSEWHEEL - To switch through the weapons inside of the Slot.


Left Mouse Button - To Select the Weapon that is hovered by your Mouse


/togww - To toggle between the old and new Weapon-Wheel.

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