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[Hiring] Blaine County District Office


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Blaine County District Office





The Blaine County District encompasses all areas in Blaine County and all areas in Los Santos County outside of the City of Los Santos. Our district prides itself on being home to an abundance of wildlife and our state's natural treasures. We also pride ourselves on being home to a large community of working-class Americans. With this pride comes great responsibility and it is this office's mission to serve the needs of our constituents and work towards preserving all of our state's natural treasures and wildlife. 



We are currently hiring for a number of positions. We are looking for individuals highly motivated to our mission and with deep interest in serving the constituents of Blaine County. 



Communications Director

Job Description: Manages and directs all internal and external forms of communication. Supervises public relations staff, creates communication strategies, and may serve as the key spokesperson and media contact for the organization.  Leads a team of professionals.


This position requires extensive experience as a Communications Director or in an associated field such as Public Relations. The ideal candidate has experience with leading a team to achieve an organization's communication efforts. The candidate should fulfill all requirements outlined under the position 'Communications Officer I'.


Starting Salary: $65,000/week



Communications Officer I

Job Description: Responsible for creating communications content. Works towards developing communications strategies for initiatives, programs and community events. Works under the Communications Director to assist in media inquiries while simultaneously managing multiple projects/assignments. 


This position requires an individual to have good independence of judgement, action and confidentiality. The ideal candidate will have excellent writing and speaking skills. Ability to effectively evaluate outreach efforts using electronic and other feedback tools. Ability to work under pressure and with tight time frames. Strong understanding of medial relations, including an understanding of providing timely and accurate information that clearly outlines a position, initiative, or event.


Starting Salary: $40,000/week



Legislative Analyst I 

Job Description: Review new legislation and produce detailed reports on how it will affect the constituents of Blaine County. Assists and/or spearhead legislative initiatives being pushed by the District Representative. Great opportunity to work closely with a legislator and be able to have a meaningful impact on Blaine County and the State of San Andreas.  


This position requires an individual to have strong research and writing skills. The ideal candidate enjoys the prospect of doing extensive research on any given topic and be able to weigh in all positive and negative effects on any given initiative. Must be able to work under pressure with tight time frames. 


Starting Salary: $40,000/week



(( This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in getting started with political/government roleplay. While these positions do require a bit of grind, in the form of research and writing, my OOC goal is to make sure everyone is having an enjoyable RP experience throughout the process. If any of these positions seem interesting to you I recommend applying. ))



To submit an application, email the attached application to [email protected] ((Forum PM))



Official Position Application





Highest level of Education attained: 


Prior work experience:


Position you are applying for: 


What do you find exciting about this position? 



What makes you qualified for this position?



What level of commitment can you provide?













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Official Position Application

Name:  Philip Desantis 


Age: 24


Highest level of Education attained: 

Bachelor's degree (PR Advertising)


Prior work experience: 

LS Garbage 


Taxi driver 


Position you are applying for: Legislative Analyst 


What do you find exciting about this position? 

Because this is not all talks job in politic. This is an action job that require times and efforts to assist an Elected candidate to create great legislation.


What makes you qualified for this position?

- Three spoken languages (English, Thai, Italian)

-  Analysis skills 

-  Teamwork


What level of commitment can you provide?

GMT+7 8pm-3am Mon/Tue/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun


contacts :  Discord : Philip Desantis #4799, GTAW no. 28305473

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