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The Special Enforcement Bureau

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Deputy Steinmann was paged in the late hours of the night for a confirmed kidnapping of our very own Lieutenant Jose Ben-Zvi. Deputy Rylan Steinmann responded to the scene amongst the finest men and women of his Special Weapons Team. Deputy Rylan Steinmann was assigned as one of two team marksman for this operation. Upon arrival, it was reported that Lieutenant Jose Ben-Zvi was actively being hurt, with a firearm pointed at his head in the back of a vehicle. What was described as the longest minute of Deputy Steinmann's life, he set his rifle according to his training and lined up the aggressors in his sights. Not more than a few seconds went by and Deputy Steinmann was forced to subdue the aggressors. Due to Deputy Rylan Steinmann's superior marksmanship ability, patience, and excellent communication with his fellow team members, Lieutenant Jose Ben-Zvi was saved that night and was able to safely return home to his family.


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