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Thread will showcase the life of an 18-year-old marera from the Forum Locos Salvatruchas (FLS) clique.


Ethnicity: Salvadoran

Backstory: Morena Martínez a/k/a Tripz is a 18-year-old Mara Salvatrucha 13 (MS-13) gang member from El Salvador. Morena was born on the 9th of September, 2002. The majority of her family still live in San Salvador. Most of her family are all impoverished with very few exceptions. Broken homes, dysfunctional families, abusive parents, and mental illness are a fixture of the family's history. This has caused a familial generational cycle of criminal activity, such as independent criminals and street gang membership for a little over 100 years.


Around 90% of Morena's family are mareros or mareras themselves. Plenty of her own direct ancestors and their siblings were involved in the Salvadoran Civil War. Her father, Jose Martínez a/k/a Menace, was a drug dealer and initiated member of the Tiny Winos (TWS) MS-13 clique. Her mother, Selena Martínez, was a high school dropout who dealt crack cocaine with her partner. She also had a criminal record for prostitution that she served one year and a half behind bars in a women's only state prison in 1993-1994.


Both Jose and Selena made a big effort to keep Morena sheltered from their criminal activities, though it was inevitable that she'd eventually see what was really going on. Morena was exposed to child abuse, child neglect and some family violence from a very young age. Both of her parents were often unable to provide the basic necessities of life, often having verbal and physical altercations at home. By 2010, her father had developed a drinking problem which made him prone to sudden fits of alcohol-fueled rage. He took this anger out on his family and was a very physically violent person at the worst of times. It didn't take long for Morena to end up dealing drugs herself.


At the age of 14 she started selling hard drugs like crack cocaine, crystal methamphetamine and heroin. She became more involved with the local MS-13 gang after her father died from a sudden meth overdose. She eventually found trouble with the LSPD for her dealing of hard drugs throughout all of Chamberlain Hills. She's also done prison time for savagely attacking a 15-year-old African-American that dissed the set she was claiming. Morena joined the Forum Lokos Salvatruchas (FLS) clique when she was 15, participating in a deadly shooting that targeted an 18th Street gang-controlled drug den.

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