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Just another MANIAK from S/S LS

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JShPRql.pngKevin „Lil Maniak” Flores, is a 15 years old teenager from South Central Los Santos. His story, same as many other teens in the area, starts with a disfunctional family. His father, Jerry „Maniak” Flores, was the clique leader of Forum Locos Salvatruchos, an Mara Salvatrucha set in the Chamberain Hills. Kevin’s mother, Alejandra Flores, she was a prostitute, addicted to crack cocaine and crystal meth. The teenager’s parents got maried when Kevin was born, both comming from the same background, having same origins, dating back to San Salvador, El Salvador.

Kevin was forced to move in with his grandmother after his father’s death. Jerry was shot and killed infront of his house, by what is believed to be a hit by some rival South LS Surenno gang, with the alleged help of other MS13 members. Teenager’s mother is nowhere to be found.

After his father’s brutal murder, Kevin became more and more problematic, the violence and the gang activity around his area took a tole on his mental health. Is a known fact that the teenager suffers from anger management issues, and that he is openly hatefull towards all the traditional Mara Salvatrucha enemies, hating everything about 18st gang, and Playboys 13 gang.

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