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[ Vetrov Automotive - The Rockford Showroom ] BUYING ◾ SALES ◾ TRADE-INS


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Vetrov Automotive - The Rockford Hills Showroom






Vetrov Automotive proudly presents itself as the most prestigious Dealership in the State of San Andreas. We are adhere to the highest standard of conduct and customer service. Vetrov Automotive currently has the only luxury Showroom in the entirety of Los Santos and plays in a league of its own. We aim towards consistency and are available under the clock via phone or e-mail outside our opening hours. We operate in the safest and most exclusive area of the city, Rockford Hills. 


We proudly present you what a dealership should be.



Vehicle Evaluations 


We at Vetrov Automotive absolutely understand the struggle behind selling a vehicle, especially if due to your schedule you simply don't have the time to do so and of course understand how painful it is to go to any dealership and being offered barely half of what your vehicle is worth. We strive towards finding the golden middle ground where both parties leave with a favorable outcome. We like to believe that we are in the same boat, simply approach us, talk to us, we can definitely negotiate and come to an agreement. We are honest but fair in our vehicle evaluations, we are as willing to negotiate as you are, this of course comes down to the way we are approached, we try to be as reasonable as possible but do not tolerate hostility. The worst thing we or you can say is no, simply talk to us. We are willing to purchase most vehicles in good condition excluding commercial, such as delivery trucks and vans.





Vehicle Reservations


Moving forward we are introducing vehicle reservations for a vehicle that caught your attention but you simply need that extra time, we understand. By paying 5% of the vehicle's value, we will hold onto the vehicle for you for up to 48 hours (up to 72 hours on a vehicle value of over $200.000). After 48 (or 72) hours have passed without you collecting your vehicle, the vehicle will be put back on sale. When you purchase the vehicle, the 5% deposit will be taken off the vehicle's price of course. Due to the natural potential of people reserving a vehicle for the sake of being able to and requesting a refund just before the 48 hours run out, you would have to excuse us for making the 5% deposit non-refundable. 





Currently Available Vehicles


Browse through a selection of vehicles currently for sale by Vetrov Automotive by clicking here! 





Vetrov Automotive - How to Find us







Hn9XaIg.png   Vetrov Automotive

       Rockford Drive, Rockford Hills, Los Santos






       E-Mail: [email protected]

        Website: https://vetrovautomotive.weebly.com/





(( Vetrov Automotive - Our Goals ))




(( I originally wrote a very long essay here for hours and realized that this was simply not the place for it.


To keep it relatively neutral and brief, I am heavily striving towards providing a much needed realistic environment for dealership Roleplay. While this is a business, this is a place of Roleplay. Yes it takes us a longer time to sell/purchase a vehicle due to the RP involved, yes we are handicapping ourselves by having a limited in size showroom and being selective, yes we gain absolutely no benefits over having a public parking lot apart from RP standards, yes I am making less money than other dealerships because I hire more people than I need to for the sake of providing IC jobs and Roleplay and yes we will absolutely continue. 


We are open almost every day, I set up my own radio station for this showroom and honestly, people are more than welcome to come for the simple RP.


My goal is to have the best dealership Roleplay environment on the server and I will continue doing my best to provide good Roleplay for all involved. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. See you in-game. ))

EDIT: It has been now more than half a year that we operated as a dealership and or showroom. While there are always bad apples, I sincerely appreciate both the positive feedback as well as Roleplay that people have brought alongside them. Special thank you for the various faces that kept helping out in both IC as well OOC aspects to make this all work. I gladly report that the core values that I set out for myself are still very much so relevant to this very day. While I came in as a "new kid on the block" and having at times to take on 4 if not 5 other dealerships simultaneously, as of out all the dealerships active today, Vetrov Automotive is now one of the oldest. In a sense, I feel some sort of responsibility to continue carrying the torch forward. As always, I'm very open to criticism, whether it be towards my person or any of my employees. We're people, simply reach out to me and we will see what can be done. While I personally no longer have the spare time to dedicate myself to the dealership as I once could, I will still ensure that the dealership will be present whenever you are trying to /bad and someone takes it roughly 2 frames before you pressed enter.





(( Please refrain from commenting vehicle offers, interest in vehicles, reservations and similar, and rather contact us by the proper IC channels and means instead. That is by email, phone or coming in-person to our showroom. We try our best to aim towards availability. Thank you a lot. ))



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