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Feature Showcase: Lockpicking








Breaking into a vehicle and hotwiring the engine are now linked to a lockpicking skillgame, allowing for less random-generated lockpicking and a more interactive experience. 





Rotate the Lockpin and probe for a Solution by holding the Left Mouse Button and inspecting the stiffness and resistance of your Lockpin


Once close to a Solution, your Lockpin will twitch less and you will hear fewer sounds of resistance from inside of the Cylinder. Once this is the case, hold the Left Mouse Button even longer, to drive the Lockpin in and loosen the internal Pin.


Continue the procedure, until all Pins inside the Cylinder have lost their tension (Circular Progress).


Be careful with your Lockpin, pressing for too long against too much resistance will break it. 






Of course, better Locks and Anti-Theft Hardware provide a more difficult experience for the Lockpicker. 

The Lockpick will be prone to taking damage on quality locks and in general finding the pin will be more difficult as the width of the spot for a solution will decrease.


High Alarm-Kits of course trigger once someone or something touches their Lock-Mechanism, so be aware of that when lockpicking highly secured vehicles.


Breaking your pin and letting the mechanism fall back will likely (Random-Chance Based) result in setting off the Alarm as well.



Commands & Keys


/vbreakin - To start lockpicking a vehicle door.

/hotwire - To start lockpicking the engine-ignition

A-Key & D-Key - To rotate the Lockpick.


Left Mouse Button - To stick the Lockpick in and try to rotate the Cylinder.


F4 - To abort the lockpicking.


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