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Black people wya !!!

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Immaculate    3

Where all my black people at we gotta make our own black owned gtaw discord server



Edited by Immaculate

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Groz    103

You can and should be proud of whatever race, sexuality and gender you belong to. 


You, however, have an extremely warped perspective on what's deemed acceptable behaviour and what belongs in a public discord server. You've already been banned from our Discord and in-game for your severe attitude problems, it was not due to your race or any 'injustices' you may have felt were present. We have players from all around the globe, each sharing different cultures, upbringings and backgrounds. You were given several chances to attempt to correct your attitude problems and you continued to ignore each warning, in fact, you proceeded to get worse and worse. That's what led to your removal both in-game and on discord, nothing else.


Do not use our forums to advertise your private discord server. We have a perfectly functioning discord and have for some time now. The only reason you no longer have access to it is because of your own repeated mistakes within it. Once again, we support equality for all, and as such, equality also means you face the same punishment as everyone else when violating our rules. Any further attempts to advertise your discord server as a way to subvert your existing ban will result in your ability to post being removed. Instead, you should appeal your bans here.



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