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W/S 52 Hoover Gangster Crips

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Craazy    206




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TyJ    52

Take this far boys. 

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Craazy    206










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Craazy    206


Just now, Craazy said:


Samuel Ortiz is a member of the W/S Five-Deuce Hoover Gangster Crips.

He was jumped into the gang at the early age of 11 and was took under the wing of now high-ranking Hoover member Caine Watson a.k.a TK H-Watts


His closest childhood friends perished early in acts of gang-violence, leaving Samuel broken. One of his many tattoos commemorate Cameron Powell a.k.a Killa Cam, and Aaron Gomez a.k.a Baby Hogg #2.


Samuel has a small tattoo on his left arm, marking himself as a Young Hogg and Hoover Crip. On his right forearm, he bears a tattoo with cursive writing, it says G.I.P Baby Hogg #2, and G.I.P Killa Cam. There is an 8-ball tattoo on his left arm, though the number on the ball is a 52. He has two filled tear drop tattoos beneath his left eye. There is a crown tattoo above his left eyebrow. The letters HGC are tattooed in thick letters on the front side of his neck.


He is feared throughout Grove Street, Brouge Avenue, and Covenant Avenue, and is known primarily as a drug-dealing crash dummy. He often boasts about many criminal activities, including his involvement in the murders of W/S 57 Neighborhood Crips affiliates which earned him the CNK moniker, which stands for "certified napp killer".


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