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Derek "Dizzy" Espinoza

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Derek was born in Liberty City at Schottler Medical Center. Derek is an only child and grew up in Broker, Liberty City. His mother worked a job throughout the day and didn’t spend much time parenting Derek. His Father was coming home from work and got into a car wreck and lost his life upon impact. He grew up without a father and spent most of his time in Liberty City alone. Because his mother wasn’t home there was a babysitter over often. One of the babysitters he became friends with was Juanita Sanchez, her mother met Derek’s mother from work. Juanita would take care of Derek when he was younger by feeding him and cleaning up after him, she practically raised him. On the days his mom was home she was physically and verbally abusive to him, she would drink and take her anger out on him. He would go to school with bruises and marks all over his body. Every so often the teachers would take notice and just brush it off. Derek would go around school starting fights with students and causing issues to get attention from others. He would constantly get suspended, so he missed a lot of important things and struggles with the issues daily. He has issues reading, he can write but would rather put it on walls, he isn’t good with math, so he sneaks a calculator. And is horrible when it comes to managing money. One day him and his mother got into an argument over as suspension, and his mom ended up beating him. He had various marks around his face and went to school the next day and the teacher found out. They ended up calling CPS and Derek was taken away from his mother, he spent the next couple years of his life throughout court for custody battles. Eventually his Grandma got custody of him and took him out of Liberty City. She moved him to Los Santos into Rancho and enrolled him into Davis High School.


This thread will follow the day by day actions of Espinoza along with character development of Derek.

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