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Introducing Drones.


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Short description: Allowing players to enter first-person mode to capture the footage of event(s) from a specific distance.


Commands to add: The obvious one would be /drone to deploy the item, /dc or /dcapture can save a screenshot. Once in first-person mode, you can F4 to quit similar to /mdc and /cad.


Items to add: None, if not an item resembling Drone. You can purchase one from stores such as Davis Mega Mall and simply role-play it.


How would your suggestion improve the server? In a packed server like GTA:W where you can come across events/scenes daily, we can put a Drone in use where it's necessary. In FD, we are planning to introduce Drones for our Search and Rescue operations, in which it would serve a similar purpose for other agencies such as Sheriff's ESD or Police pursuits in case of no available AIR units. Media Outlets may utilize it to take a footage of certain events and etcetera.


Additional information: If possible and approved, remove name-tags and limit its' area of operation to avoid MG.

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Couldn't agree more with this. I believe it's very doable as well, as it's merely a camera that moves on the X, Y, Z axis. 


With the ingame drone item, that could be attached to the centre of where the camera is moving for others to see it, I am not sure how possible that is in Rage of course. 


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7 hours ago, Sixth said:

Disagree. Can see this being abused by illegal role-players to constantly spy on each other, don't like.

One of the two main reasons why I've stated it to be used for short-range only:

  1.  Minimize metagaming and constant abuse with removal of name-tags (e.g. F7) and limited range of operation.
  2.  Substitute to an AIR unit without defeating its purpose and priority.
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On 10/7/2020 at 2:50 AM, Sixth said:

Disagree. Can see this being abused by illegal role-players to constantly spy on each other, don't like.

True that would be stulid street gangs using drones on a regular basis to do that sort of thing. 

But there could be strict rules about it for example they could only be used in a realistic situation:

- a photographer at a big event could use it

- a law enforcement agency could use it to gather intel from a distance when they suspect something


Law enforcement's drones should be high end - more range and battery. 




And an admin should give you the go ahead to use it first. 


I really think it could work if properly implemented and regulated. 



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6 hours ago, St3fan[NL] said:

Im not even sure ragemp has this possibility 

If there's a possibility for a freecam without making the player's character model disappear, it's certainly possible, assuming an object can be tied to the freecam's position, or just a tad behind it so it doesn't block the drone camera persepctive. From there just gotta have a way to calculate the range between the freecam position and the character using it, giving a warning that the drone is about to go out of range.

Adding onto the suggestion:
Once/if it does go out of range, drone safely lands back to the floor, and can be picked up with Y, and redeployed with /useitem. A lot of hobbyist drones nowadays are controlled with smartphones/tablets, so anybody stealing a hobbyist's drone could redeploy it and keep it as their own, simplying the scripts needed for this by a lot. PD drones would be controlled via more secure methods naturally, and cannot be used without being in PD, just like the vehicles from the faction.

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