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Sport Games - Soccer

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Tampa    19
Posted (edited)
Feature Showcase: Sport Games - Soccer




Join a soccer game at Mirror Park soccer field and play with any of your friends!




/whistle - To be used by the referee

SPACE - Modify the power value of your kick

Left click - Kick the ball

ALT + Left click - Kick the ball in the air

LCTRL - Stops the ball


Known Limitations


  • The feature is very ping dependant, especially for the game controller. The first player (or the last remaining) on the field will be chosen as the "controller", thus their ping requires to be as low as possible for the game to be lag free. It is recommended to choose a player with less than 100ms to be the first to join the field.
  • The goal notification works from any side of the goal, it'll be fixed soon.
  • The ball is only visible if you're ~15-20 meters near it, due to game engine limitations. We're trying to work on a mod to fix it.





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