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10/1/2020 - Cell Block B - Edgar "Jail Bird" Salinas


This thread will showcase the development and daily life of Edgar "Jail Bird" Salinas a Northern Californian Mexican inmate sometimes referred to as Farmeros.


Name (Last, First, Mi): Salinas, Edgar
TTCF Number: #B14103
Date of Birth (Age): 03/06/1995 - AGE
County of Last Legal Residence: Paleto Bay, Bayview Housing Units


Points: (?)

Received TTCF: 10/01/2020

Facility Housing: TTCF / GP-50/50 YARD

Release Date: 10/3/2025



Commitment Offense:

114. Resisting Arrest (M)

201. Assault (M)

205. Criminal Threats (M)

310. Vandalism (M)


Arrest History

306. Grand Theft Of A Firearm (F) 



Sex Offenses

Clear as of 10/01/2020


Arson Offenses

Clear as of 10/01/2020


History of Escape

Clear as of 10/01/2020"


Current Assignments

Clear as of 10/01/2020


Special Programs

Clear as of 10/01/2020


Medical Information

Bi-Polar Disorder (?)



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