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Marie Maple


Name: Marie Maple

Street Name: -RETRO-


Religion: Catholic, Agnostic.
Age: 29
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Driver - Graffiti Writer - H8TR
Workplace:  IMEX Logistics.
Languages: English, French



Respect is a Word. Love is a war. Style is a mission. Graffiti is a message. Bombing is a religion.




Piecebook: A graffiti writers most valuable possession, It displays all of their artwork. Passed and Present, Even artwork of friends who passed.

All City: Being known throughout the city for your artwork. 

Tagger: Someone who only puts up tags, usually their name or a single image.

Toy: A beginner. Write this person off, they suck. Cross their shit out.

Writer: Someone skilled who paints graffiti or pieces. 

Angels: Famous writers that are well respected, All City, or one with the angels.

King: An artist that has become the best of the best, Crowned King or Queen by their peers.

O.G. Head: Similar to King or Queen, someone who has been designated HEAD, O.G. Piecemaster.

HAT: Artists that are trustworthy. Honor Among Thieves. "Don't front, She's got a dope HAT."

ROOK: A trusted crewmember. "She's Rook"

Throw-up: A bubble letter tag that is usually the name of the writer.

Racking: Stealing paint in order to put up artwork or storing paint in a given area. It's racked!

Bombing: Writing your name on everything in a given area or block in a fast pace before someone calls the cops.

Backjump: To hit the back of the bus or train while it's in service and stopped for passengers before it starts moving.

Slam: Painting a dangerous area. Police stations or gang infested hoods.

Bites: When someone copies your style or you copy someone else. You bitin'

Buffs: The government goon that covers up your paint. Usually Anti-graffiti employees. <- Egg this bitch <-

Beef: Trouble or problems with another artist or their work.

Burning: A piece too good to be taken down by the state. It's usually preserved.

Get-Up: Going out bombing or piecing.

Cross Out: Crossing out someone else's work, it's a sign of disrespect.

Fat Caps: Nozzle caps that let you spray fat lines.

Skinny Caps: Nozzle cap that lets you spray thin lines.

Heaven Spot: A spot up high where you might reach heaven if you fall.

Halo: A piece with a halo hovering above it, indicating that the artist has passed on.

Stencil: This is a tool used by lazy artists and sellouts. (I.e. Banksy)

Floaters: A tag that hovers in an empty space on a wall with no meaning, it's disrespectful and toyish.

MOP: Drippy graffiti put up with a mop.

Filling: Painting the inside of your piece.

Outline: Painting the outline after you have filled in the piece, this is where we add details.

Poster: they are made at home and put up with wheat glue on the streets, political statements and big artworks.

Stickers: stickers people slap on shit. "Hello My Name is: -RETRO-"

Piece: Masterpiece work done by an artist that has moved on to art pieces.

Kicks & Gear: Shoes and clothes.

Wholetrain: A piece of work that covers the entire side of a train.

Side2Side: Repeating pieces on each train car.

Top2Bottom: A piece covering a wall or surface from top to bottom.

S2S-T2B: Covering an entire area from side to side and top to bottom.

Killing: Painting out a whole piece or multiple in one night.




Soap-Bubbles: Usually reserved for Throw-ups It's also the most popular type of graffiti. ❤️

Wildstyle: A style of graffiti that is covered in bright colors, spikes, arrows and sexy curves. BEST.

Blockbuster: Block letters that are usually painted with a paint roller.

Wicked: A style that Is usually tall and faded on top and bottom.

FX: 3D Style - attributed to one famous artist. DAIM.

Dubs: UK style of Chrome and Silver paint. ❤️

Pichacão: Cryptic Style originating in Brazil





Meyhem Lauren - Got The Fever


Bas One - Toy Story


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