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Stephanie Hernández

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Abigail    14



Full Name: Stephanie Hernández a/k/a La Guera
Age: 18
Birthplace: Jamestown St, Rancho
Ethnicity: Mexican-American
Personality: More on the introverted side and can sometimes be very anti-social & unpredictable. She has mood swings a lot.
Family & Relatives: Heidy Hernández (mother), Travis Bradshaw (father-deceased), Karla Hernández (younger sister), George Cázares (stepfather), Yadira Ramirez (cousin).

Stephanie was born and raised in Rancho, specifically Jamestown Street - an area that's predominantly populated with Hispanics. She's considered to be a "light-skinned Mexican" or White Mexican, as her biological 34 y/o father is a Caucasian (L.S. native), whilst her 32 y/o mother is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico. Her birth parents are named Heidy Hernández and Travis Bradshaw


Travis had been murdered when Stephanie was only 10 due to his deep involvement with the Vagos MC situated in Los Santos. Heidy didn't bother with any relationships for several years after that, mainly dealing with the loss through alcohol & drug abuse - her main substance of choice being heroin. Somehow whilst being a useless junkie mother, she managed to find herself a new boyfriend (named George Cázares) that shared her passion for getting absolutely wasted. From the age of 13 onwards, Stephanie witnessed many horrible things that shaped her mindset and developed her into the person she is today. She's friends with gang members, criminals, and also just regular people. Her appearance and "style" would probably be considered goth to most people, but she doesn't aim to fit in or please anyone. Heidy's mainly responsible for her daughter's interest in the goth subculture.


She attends Davis High but very rarely goes. Her family is relatively small and has a history of involvement with either gang-banging or criminal activity. Stephanie can quite regularly have a "negative attitude" towards not only strangers but also people she's close to, resulting in lots of fights/arguments. Her favourite thing to do is probably get stoned and watch horror movies. After seeing how other locals (more specifically gang members) in Rancho earn their money, Stephanie isn't really interested in working a regular 9-to-5 job - much preferring to follow the illegal and riskier route of earning quick cash. She's already experimented with various hard drugs and seems to gravitate more towards taking "downers" (lean, weed, Xanax) to numb the pain in her everyday life. Due to how dangerous her neighbourhood is, it's quite common for Stephanie to leave the house with a pocket knife on her.


Flaws: Easily gets jealous. Can be sometimes too pessimistic. Attracts the wrong kind of people.

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Writer    205

who da fuck is this ruca in my varrio foo

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