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The not so interesting story of Bobby

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A brief backstory

Robert "Bobby" Colton, some people call him Colt, was born in Jefferson, Texas. Not the brightest nor the talented type, he was just a random nobody. Born to the underachieving members of a large family of elites, he was usually treated as an outsider. When most of his cousins enjoyed a decent or luxurious life, his family struggled to survive each day. Combining that with the rejection from his own kin, made him hate the elite class of the society.


The guy he looked up to

Jesse "JV" Vaughan was the eldest of his bunch of cousins. Born to another set of underachievers in the family, JV was 10 years older than Bobby. Both of them grew up together, helping each other in their struggles. JV was the only one among the cousins who truly cared for Bobby and inturn Bobby had great respect for him. But after some drama in his life JV decided to leave the state and moved to San Andreas. Feeling left alone Bobby started to get more and more antisocial. After spending a few more years in Jefferson, he eventually got a call from Jesse, who asked him to move into San Anne. Maybe this is the turn he was looking for in his life. 



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Getting to know the others

While booking a ticket to Los Santos, Bobby didn't have the intention of staying there forever. But once he started hanging out with his cousin, he realised maybe it was time for him to take a turn in his life. So he started helping out JV with some small things. Bobby decided to get a job in a local liquor store, not his kind of vibe but a job nonetheless. He started hanging out with the other members of his cousin's club. They started going on rides, getting into bar fights and all other fun stuff. He was slowly getting attached to this new family in the small town of Paleto bay.


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Living the Bastards way of life

It's been a while since Bobby has arrived in Paleto Bay, after spending his time with the club he eventually prospected for the club.

He worked a lot along with the club in building up their status in the county he was patched soon after he completed the minimum prospecting period. His life revolved around the club and in that while he got back into his old addiction of body building and competitive fighting. Due to his disciplined nature and fearless attitude in necessary situations, the club offered him the role of Sergeant at Arms. Now he keeps an eye on every club members, enforcing the bylaws of the Bastards MC, proudly flying the green and white patch. 





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