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Hop Sing Tong 合勝堂


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華青 Wah Ching is a society with known blood affiliations that derived in the 1960's. This secret organization is also commonly referred to as "Dub C" or "Insane Dragons" which was formed in the San Andreas area. Dub C's membership mainly consists of younger individuals which come from an Asian based background. This criminal group is known for it's violent tendencies to carry out criminal acts, but not limited to; narcotics trafficking, extortion, murder, and racketeering.


The Wah Ching was founded mainly by immigrants from Taiwan and Hong Kong who were fleeing communist China. As a result, the Wah Ching was first founded as a political activist group that avidly opposed the communist regime in China. However as time progressed, the Wah Ching quickly became a street gang through Tong affiliations but still kept their nationalist political views. Over the decades, the Wah Ching has evolved from a street gang to an organized crime group, however, due to the fact that a lot of the Wah Ching’s criminal activity and murders have been motivated by political agendas, some agencies have classified the Wah Ching as a political terrorist organization.


Currently, the gang have shown signs of mixed ideology. Despite the fact that Wah Ching in Chinese literally means "Chinese Youth", there are still some individuals of non-Chinese descent who claim Wah Ching. The gang now consists of a large number of Vietnamese, Japanese, and Hmong members. The same applies with their rivals, the Vietnamese Boyz, who have a great number of Chinese members.


The Wah Ching is extremely organized, its main structure consists of one main boss under the union and various factions called "sides" who have leaders or "Lung Tao" (Dragon Heads) who work together to organize their syndicates with the sole purpose of making money. The number of members in each side can vary anywhere from a few dozen to a couple thousand, and the total number of sides is believed to be around 10.

Wah Ching consists of various groups which refer to themselves as "name"-side, traditionally referring to the gangs leader at the time. For ex, "Sonny-Side 23" "Ken-Side 23" "Paul-Side 23" and so on. The term Tong, which means meeting hall were a form of self government in order protect Chinese immigrants that were facing corruption from the police departments, they were shortly used to extort these businesses they formed to protect. These organizations would recruit gang members to collect gambling debts, extortion payments, and to enforce the rules in which these Tongs implemented. Originally, the two gangs that were hired to carry out these acts were the Wah Ching and Hop Sing Boys to maintain their illegal operations within the Chinese communities.


Joe Boys wanted to be their own boss, and separated themselves from the Tong in order to reign power of their own. This set off a power struggle which would testify against the Tong in which these gangs once pledged allegiance to. During the 70's, WC and HSB had control over the illegal markets but were now being challenged by a break off group known as Joe Boys.


While the Joe Boys and Wah Ching had gone to war over the illegal markets, and extortion denials. In the 1970's, the violence would be at an all time high between the two groups. At a local hangout spot in Chinatown, they shot and killed a Joe Boy. This community was now showing it's true colors that nobody ever had suspicions of. The WC and HSB controlled the markets, they were still in competition with the Joe Boys for a fight of power in order to maintain their power over these markets. During this time frame, several shoot-outs took place in which many innocent bystanders and gang members were victimized from both sides.



San Fierro PD formed their first gang unit which focused directly on Asian gangs. As police made arrests, many street gangs were forced to disband such as the Joe Boys, and Hop Sing Boys. The Wah Ching was not effected by this due to this group being more focused on criminal activities that were harder to be detected by law enforcement. WC took advantage of the lack of rivals in Chinatown by being hired by other gangs in which they would be the main gang to collect the debts, and enforce extortion while the other groups had been disbanded. 


In 1982, this all changed when a secret society member known as Peter Chong was sent to the US in order to take complete control of the Americanized Asian underworld. While the Wah Ching was the only faction to survive, and were able to quietly take charge. Chong made friends with the local Tong leaders, and abused his financial influence to get these Tong's on his agenda. He was apart of the Wo Hop To. It was one of the strongest ancient gang societies, the triads. They had intentions on uniting all Asian criminal groups under the same umbrella. It was successful for awhile, but new school Chinese gangsters broke away from the traditional ways. It turned into a "Join or Die" motto in which blood oaths, and rituals weren't as common. Wah Ching denied allegiance to the Wo Hop To and they were now the only faction which stopped this triad from holding complete power. For over ten years, Wah Ching controlled the under world of San Fierro's Chinatown. By 1991, Peter Chong had convinced a lot of Wah Ching members to join the triad, Danny Wong was still against it. This made conflict rise between the two, one of the Wah Ching leaders were gunned down and a month later the Wah Ching retaliated by murdering one Hop To member and injuring seven. 


A peace summit was called in order to wager a peace between the WHT and WC in order to make sure that somebody got a piece. Shortly after, Danny Wong was murdered in his vehicle. The crime was never solved, and this resulted in Wah Ching agreeing to join the triad. They were persuaded with a constant supply of narcotics, soldiers, and friends everywhere they go. Weapons trafficking, and heroin were the main income source of this international crime group. However, wire taps were implemented by the police and it was a treasure chest of incriminating evidence towards the WHT. Key members of this organization were being arrested, Chong was indicted on 48 counts of operating an international crime syndicate. Key members testified, and their reign was over.




During this time period, Tony Young was a key player in the Wah Ching. He had control over the gambling rings, the main game of choice was known as pai gow, this went on for awhile. He also implemented extortion's to various shops including Chinese video companies. Young was referred to as the "godfather" type figure and his persuasion led to avoiding violence against the communities. While the feds were being more aware, and involving themselves in this criminal activity. Young insisted he was no longer apart of the Wah Ching, that he had separated himself many years prior... the feds didn't believe it, and has suspicions he was very much so powerful figure within this organization. During this period, younger members of Wah Chong were persistent on challenging Young's leadership within the organization due a Wah Ching member being gunned down by his own. He was sentenced to federal prison time on lying to a financial institution, and bankruptcy fraud. By the time Young was released from prison, his influence with Wah Ching had weakened dramatically.


A new generation of dai lo's were going strong, the turf not being directly in Chinatown but spread to surrounding areas. By 2001, the WC was at war with two opposing factions known as the "Red Door" and the "Four Seas". Young was the elder who tried to broker peace in between these organizations. The younger Wah Ching leaders disregarded the peace offering, and continued with the violence... this resulted in an ally from Monterey Park being gunned down. Thirteen Wah Ching members were charged with federal crimes, including murder in aid of racketeering and distributing marijuana and ecstasy. Six of them were also charged with planning an armed robbery at an Alhambra brothel whose owner had refused to pay $3,000 a month in protection money. These prosecutions disrupted the Wah Ching's leadership structure.


The culture in regards to the gang has changed drastically from it's early stages in the 1960's to it's current standings. What once was a society known for it's Chinese traditional culture, to it's street gang styled group. When Wah Ching expanded outside of Chinatown, it took over surrounding bay areas and inhabited surrounding gang cultures very similar to the average bloods, crips, and surenos. It has swayed away from the Chinese triad initiations which was influenced by them taking the younger gang members under their wings and teaching them the ways of the society. It has since become more loosely based in regards to structure, rules, and ideologies. 




W/S WC was known in the south end of Little Seoul for protecting it's local immigrants, keeping the drug sales away from home, refusing to serve the locals, and also keeping outside organizations from extorting the local Asian owned businesses. They were looked at as the local police department. The Chinese would shun the assistance of actual Law Enforcement due to it's severe corruption coming from the Chinese police back in the home land. This group was loosely involved with the local triad in which they would sell their drugs, and provide muscle in return for a tax on the gangs profits. It was a pivotal part in the triad's success in the Little Seoul area. 


While the gang was at it's high with criminal activities, it was raising attention from the local law enforcement and feds. Which is rare to this type of society, an informant was a key successor in the indictments that swooped down and incarcerated over eleven members which held pivotal positions within W/S Wah Ching. Three raids were executed within Little Seoul, Mirror Park, and Murrieta Heights. This resulted in thousands of dollars in stolen computer software, identity/credit card fraud, firearms, and drug relevance. While a majority of these members were already apart of the Gang Unit database in which validated gang members were recorded when encounters when encounters with LEO's were executed. These indictments were executed and apart of these were as follows: 





  • On or about February 12, 2016 WILLY LEUNG a/k/a "Westside Bully'', FRANCIS NGHEIM a/k/a "Noodles", had 112 grams of methamphetamine with the intent to sell and possessed 2 high-caliber firearms.



  • On or about November 12, 2016 THOMAS CHOO a/k/a "Jimmy Choo'', RAYMOND FEI a/k/a "Dead Eye", stabbed and tried to murder an opposing Asian Boyz member. They were charged with attempted murder "for the good of the gang".



  • On or about January 7, 2017 ALFRED KOU a/k/a "Fredo Dub", was identified by an informant as the individual who robbed three "rival gang members" for various amounts of narcotics, and firearms. He was charged with armed robbery. 



  • On or about March 5, 2016 LANCE HUA a/k/a "Dub Step", was in possession of a handgun used in a murder. It was believed to be a gang retaliation for an assault on his younger brother. Lance was charged with first degree murder. 



  • On or about August 22, 2015 JACKIE HO a/k/a "Fire Fly", ALEX CHO a/k/a "Ramen", TYLER WEN a/k/a "Cambo", were key suspects in the armed robbery of a suspected illegal gambling operation in the basement of a nail salon. It's assumed they were operating without paying taxes to the local "Wah Ching". They were charged, and sentenced.




  • On or about April 2, 2015 TONY FOK a/k/a "Montana", LESLIE FOK a/k/a "Elvira", were in a traffic stop when the car smelled of marijuana. Upon search, a handgun was found in Leslie's purse, in the trunk was 2 assault rifles, and various illegal attachments. They were both charged.




The law enforcement refers to the Westside Wah Ching as "headless" due to it's key leadership all receiving cases which resulted over a hundred years in total. The current standings of it's operations are unclear. A handful of members who were involved in the indictments received lesser sentence due to the age, involvement, and high priority status being low and were released in late 2019 to early 2020's. The law enforcement, and feds believe the gang to be "defunct" and not a threat to the well-being of society. 









This is a sub faction of Hop Sing Tong 合勝堂 in which we operate a realistic relationship between an Asian street gang, and a tong. We pride ourselves in realistic roleplay, and a strict development progress which includes a slow and steady grind in order for maximized fulfillment. Once beginning roleplay with Wah Ching and posting screenshots within the thread, this grants leadership of the faction character kill permissions. You're also required to receive screenshot permissions from the faction through discord. 


You can contact @MrBOOMBASTIC or @Remi for any concerns, questions, or regards to the Wah Ching section of Hop Sing Tong 合勝堂. This includes invitation to the Discord channel, and/or receiving permissions for screenshots. 

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