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Kang Dong-hyuk 강동혁 of Koreatown


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"With risks, success follows."

와 함께위험, 성공을따른다 .




This thread will unfold Kang Dong-hyuk's life and development.



Name: Kang Dong-hyuk

Nicknames/Aliases: KD, Ponytail, Dong Dong

Age: 27 [December 03, 1994]

Likes: Grapefruit Soju, K-pop, money, guns, and cocaine.

Dislikes: Japanese, Chinese, disrespectful individuals, and laziness.
Hobbies:  Drinking Soju, cooking Korean cuisine, visiting a shooting range.



Kang Dong-hyuk, an early twenties South Korean who migrated to the US to attend college after his required military service. He is currently a local of Koreatown or also known as Little Seoul in the city of Los Santos. During his tenure there, he's made good friends with the locals. During the early years, his way to support himself in the land that's foreign to him is by working multiple part-time jobs. Due to the sudden and major change of his lifestyle as well as the heavy influence of the locals in Koreatown, he decided not to pursue a Computer Engineering career after he graduated. Some of his friends influenced him to engage in crimes such as drug dealing, robberies, home invasions and the likes.


After a while, Kang Dong-hyuk managed to create a presence for himself as well as making himself known, drawing the attention of some of the more vicious locals known as the Kkangpae. For a while, he was distributing small amounts of controlled substances for them, but eventually, he had to go back to South Korea to attend his namdongsaeng's high school graduation ceremony and stayed there for a month. When he came back, he was approached and was told that the family wants to adopt him, he knew that this was the opportunity he was looking for so without hesitation, he agreed, earning himself more opportunities to make money and a more powerful stature. His induction into the family allows him to operate directly under the supervision of a hyung. His involvement in the crime group resulted to him being capable to possess assets, friends, connections, and most importantly, a family.


I hesitated in creating a character story thread for this character for he has existed for more than three months already, but like what they told me, it's never too late.

Some of the screenshots posted might be outdated.

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Deviating from the intended path

의도 한 경로에서 벗어난
Months after working in Korea-mart, Kang Dong-hyuk came to a realization that such a job isn't sufficient enough for him.
Using his brain, his way of words and confidence, he traversed on another path. A path that he didn't intend nor plan to be on.









These are old screenshots when my character only existed for about two weeks or less. Expect more outdated screenshots to be compiled in this thread.

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