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GTAW - Release date

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Good evening everyone,


The staff team is proud to announce that the server will open on the 13th of October at 6:00pm GMT.

We would like to thank all the players that have been very involved in the testing process and who communicated about our server during these last weeks. If we have been able to quickly grow in numbers It is because of all of you that got involved in inviting your friends.


I would also want to personally want to give a particular thanks to the players that were involved in the important work of setting up the roots of the government, LSPD and LSFD. I fully trust that we will have an excellent legal roleplay quality because of all the work you achieved here.


Now, what will happen during these 10 days ?

  • The server will be closed and opened only for testers / admins.
  • The new testers will be announced in a week, it is still time to send your applications !
  • The furniture system will be reworked with a new list of categories and item names, and new items will be added (more walls / ground / stairs..)
  • LSPD and LSFD will be able to place furnitures (roadblocks, tolls..)
  • The XMR radio will be deployed on the server
  • The UCP will open during the week and allow you to already register and send your application to be ready for the release !
  • Start of the advertisement campaign targeting SAMP/GTA 5 roleplayers.


As you can see we will be very busy during these 10 days in order to prepare the server for the release. We expect you to also be busy by creating content for the community, introducing your faction and bringing your friends on board !


What features can you expect for the next months ?

  • Graffiti system
  • Drug plants / dynamic growing script
  • Youtube video integration ingame to print videos on boards and TVs
  • A rework of the factions, allowing you to set specific permissions and wages to the ranks
  • Improvement of the furniture system with the addition of features bounds to items: place a safe in your house to secure your money, items etc..
  • House robberies, Bank robbery script
  • Police forensic (weapons will have unique striations marks, etc..)
  • ... and way more from your feedbacks, which will be considered as our priority !
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