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[SOLD] 2255B Eastbourn Way [Three-floor apartment]


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The apartment is located in Burton, Los Santos. One block away from the Police Station. The neighborhood is in general very quiet. The apartment has a backdoor that leads to the parking lot behind the property. The apartment includes three floors. 


First floor is the living room, a kitchen with all the basic utensils and a toilet room.


Going on the second floor you will see an entertainment room in which you will find a Billiard table, a table-tennis table and three arcade machines. The second floor does also include a chilling area in which you will find a couch and a computer system.


On the third floor you find the bed room. The bedroom includes of course, a bed and a medium sized television in front of it. The room also includes a bath tub and two couches to relax. The last special thing that the third floor contains is the sky-view window and a telescope.


((OOC Information))


Contact: 8606759 or send an email for more questions. ((Forum pm))


Market Price: $115,000

Furniture Value: $54,830

Starting Bid: $300,000 (10,000$ outbid minimum)

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9 hours ago, LookAtMyRight said:

Where is this on the map?


Edit: nevermind


I offer 350K



5 hours ago, CallumRoy said:

Any buyout? Can purchase right now.

I didn't set one, you are free to place an offer ((Forum pm to not spam thread)) or bid.

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