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Brunetti is a known name in the community of Chamberlain Hills from West Forum Drive to East Forum Drive the Brunetti's has been there for ages as a part of the hard working class taking the jobs no one else wanted. The Brunetti family has always done it their way, staying out of trouble, keeping the police on their good side so to speak. The youngest member of the Brunetti's is Raymond he is the black sheep of the family. In an age of only nine years old Raymond was suspended from Davis elementary school when he came home with the note his father, Frank Brunetti Junior beat him so hard no one could recognize him for the next month. When the school heard about the beatings that Raymond got they came over to the Brunetti household. They couldn't see any signs of Frank JR and Maria beating their son. As Raymond was getting older the beatings got worse, and now the school got involved trying to take Raymond away from Frank and Maria by the age of thirteen, as a trial was going on they sent Raymond over to his uncle Angelo who lives in the other part of the city. Angelo was nothing like the rest of the family, he was quiet, he wouldn't rage out on Raymond when something bothered him at work, and he showed him love. After living with his uncle in the Hawick area for ten years Angelo suffered from a stroke on his job which lead Raymond into a depression, trying to hide his pain away with alcohol, drugs, and even sex. Everything came back to the old school days of Raymond's life. He moved back to Forum Drive in a single room apartment on the west side, he began where he left off dealing small amounts of drugs just enough for his rent, stealing anything of value just to make enough for the next fix.

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