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Los Bahía Bulldogs

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latest?cb=20161015143400PALETO BAY 


Paleto Bay commonly known as the Bayside is a small town located in Blaine County, San Andreas. Situated northwest of the Paleto Forest, west of Procopio Beach and sits on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean and the north-western foot of Mount Chiliad. It's decorated to be mainly a residential area with some commercial business implemented into the small coastal city. It's home to a variety of businesses ranging from tattoo shops, barbers shops, and even farmer shots. It's also known to be home one of many Los Santos County Sheriff's department offices. It's known from sources that this small sunny coastal town was birthed in 1898; being currently governed by Mayor Roy Buckley. Here are a few key point-of-interests when visiting the Bayside area. Red's Machine Supplies, The Bay Care Center, Paleto Bay Training Grounds as-well-as St. Brigid's Baptist Church. Despite-all the of the sunny-blue skies and breath-taking views the Bayside has a massive problem within its small coastal community and that's an uproar of gang violence at the roots of once the powerful Norteños whom once controlled nearly all of Paleto Bay covering the entire town. It's reported that the reoccurring gang violence flatlined once the Norteños had grown and had all of Paleto Bay to itself until a new formidable gang had been birthed, a gang common to be called "Drop Outs" from the Norteño gang only to birth their own known as the Bulldogs, adapting the heavily franchised Fresno State Bulldogs team in Fresno, California. Once a flat-lined gang-infested town now it became normal that was until this new gang of "savages" reported had caused a new entirely war to form a new generation of these BULLDOG gang members which often went by the alias Bayside Bulldogs 14 in prior representation to the NF/NR (Nuestra Familia/Nuestra Raza)


These rebellious actions had caused a massive power-shift within the Northern part of Blaine County, some had even called it the Red Wave 2 in relation to what had happened covering prisons which gave birth to the Norteños. With this known BDS gang had formed it was known to the governing offices that these weren't the only state or even town dealing with these members as it had been reported the drug focused yet savagery gang had leaked some membership into Los Santos within the North Archer, Vinewood jurisdiction. It is also known that the Fresno Bulldogs originally had started within Fresno, being one of its largest gangs if not the largest ranging at 12,000+, spreading to a mass variety of different states including Idaho, Texas, and even Canada. On a public document, it is known who they are to this current day generation and what their primary criminal activities area listed as such. (Murder, Drug Trafficking, Assault, Robbery, Arms Trafficking, Extortion) and plenty more said governing officials, it is known to this day that this Bayside Bulldogs 14 operates all throughout Paleto Bay in locations such as Cascabel Avenue, Dulouz Avenue, Paleto Boulevard, Procopio Drive, and Pyrite Avenue



7075e13fbc3ae16c38f36bd200fb2ef7.gifBAYSIDE BULLDOGS, a PREVIOUS acting Norteño gang known as FATBOYZ 14 (FUCK A TRUCE 14) that had "dropped ou"t to form a new set of BDS in similarity to the Fresno State Bulldogs. The reasoning behind this is currently unknown but is believed to be due to prison-riots and ties behind bars including local identity. They had decided enough was enough and released themselves from the grips of the sphere of influence of the Norteño gang and had released ALL ties becoming San Andreas first Bulldogs gang. Gang skirmishes still happen to this day between the two rivalling gang out-side and within prison walls. These Bayside Bulldogs members are easy to distinguish out of the two knowing that they both fly the colours red. Active gang-members of the Bayside Bulldog members are most easily represented by sporting merchandise of the Fresno State Bulldogs team along-side the tattoos that they carry on themselves which may occur to have abbreviations of BDS of such, dog-paws, four dots (a tattoo known to be also worn by the Norteños) as-well as a Fresno State Bulldog casted on themselves. Due to it being such an independent set this gang has no real infrastructure to it despite it's militant ways, a-lot of the influence over the Bayside Bulldogs gang varies between the gang itself in regards to locations due to broken down "cliques" of the gang due to the sheer membership that is held proving difficult for prosecutors to be able to crack down on any form of leadership because there simply isn't one making the gang some-what bulletproof to gang-injunctions. 




                                     OOC INFORMATION



200px-Fresno_State_wordmark.pngOur aim is to portray a realistic Bulldogs set based within Paleto Bay which consists of members lingering around Los Santos, If you have any questions in regards to joining about the faction or even have any tips or would like to get to know anything about the faction, feel free to private-message @Baby Renegade also upon joining the faction you grant automatic Character Kill permission to the leaders. Along-side this there is a faction discord currently set up, if you wish to be invited then feel free to drop myself a private-message for an invite to the server. All members must abide by the rules, if broken punishment will be handed out by leadership.





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