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Davis Mega Mall

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Bjork    180




Hello everyone!


I come to you with a rather big announcement. This project started about a year ago as an idea and has been amazing to work on with those who have come and go. This started out with a small team consisting of @Adero, @Skitail, and @jessica with me as Head of Requests overseeing it. It has been on pause for most of its time, but recent renewal and excitement has been pushing along through the weeks. It's not at all what it used to look like, but it has gone forward anyways.


We're happy to announce that the Davis Mega Mall is now open for business! However, it's not complete. You'll find that half of the stores are locked and unavailable for use. This is simply due to the fact they're likely not finished being mapped by our lovely mapping and staff team. You're able to find that inside there are all of the stores from around the map centralized into one big interior (Ex: clothing store, general store, tattoo shop). We plan to constantly update the interior until we deem the entire project is finished.


Of course, this comes with some rules to it. While the mall is located within Davis and the crime in the area is rather high. We expect people to still act in a realistic way while inside of the mall. The customization interiors are still safe zones. But the general mall interior is not a complete safe zone. We plan to allow people to commit planned criminal acts on individuals or simple petty theft. We are allowing this in good faith that the community will not abuse this new RP interior for their own personal gain. 

TL:DR for rules, only petty crime is allowed inside without admin permission. But major crimes (Ex: Murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, etc.) are strictly forbidden without admin permission. If you're unsure about the crime you're wanting to commit, please contact an admin or a member of the support team for permission or advice. The parking lot is not a safe zone.


The idea behind the mall was to create an RP hub where all types of Rpers can come and meet. Or if you need to access multiple stores in the same general area. We look forward to seeing what happens in the future with this project and what it may look like in the future. 


And before anyone asks, yes the elevator works. (Use /fixinvi if it doesn't for you) Smarttps will be placed on each front door to take you to the corresponding entrances. (The hardware store entrance is not available upon release. This is the current interior being worked on by @Trigger and @Beatrix


Who worked on this? Here's the long list:

Hint: Those interested in malls in the high end areas... Look forward to one. It's not the rockford mall

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FNTSosa    10


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MomoIsHere    318


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Biscuit    34

YAAAY The mall is open!

Shopping we gooo! Virtual boyfriends will suffer again!

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Demonary    2

This is really great! also boosts my Character's RP up with shopping.

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