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[SELLING] 9F and Carbonizzare [BUYING] Komoda


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Selling these two vehicles since I want to downgrade to a Komoda. Both have all aftermarket parts including turbo and antitheft, locks, etc. 9F has around 22 days left on insurance and Carbonizzare is expired. Looking to get around 290 for each, leave offers down below. DM me if you have a Komoda with stats and images. I would also be willing to trade both for a classic cheetah + maybe around 50k cash?



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I have a Komoda, turbocharged with a stronger engine installed along with brand new transmission too. Has the best security features I believe, tracker installed,smart locks and ability to shut the engine off from a distance.


Mileage is near 600 but vehicle is rolling just as it's brand new after I got it maintained and checked up.


Would like to get your offers please if you're interested.


Here is a picture of it.





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