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[LSNN] Breaking: Republican Party Candidate Arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon


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Alexander Orleans, pictured here seated to the left of screen [Image by Nayeli Greyfeather at a recent Republican Party Meet and Greet]


Breaking: Republican Party Candidate Arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon

By Nayeli Greyfeather


Alexander Orleans, Republican Party Central District Representative, was today successfully bailed after having been charged with one felony count of assaulting another with a deadly weapon, one count of vandalism, and a SHAFT code violation (use of weapons outside of legal authority). Bail was set at at $120,000.


As part of his bail conditions, Mr. Orleans was ordered to have no contact with convicted felons, with the exception of contact in the workplace in the course of his usual duty. An application by the District Attorney's office for Mr. Orleans to abstain from alcohol as a condition of bail was denied.


When asked for comment, a Republican Party representative stated as follows:


"We are unaware of any charges prescribed to Alexander Orleans. We will be issuing an official statement via Facebrowser and our website once we have more details."


Mr. Orleans was not required to enter a plea, and will do so at a later hearing.




The Republican Party has released the following statement to LSNN:


"We are just as surprised as the general public, upon hearing of his official trial, we removed Alexander Orleans from our candidacy pool effective immediately. Mr. Orleans did not notify us of the charges pressed against him, and thus we will be stripping him of his position regardless of whether the verdict is innocent or guilty. The Republican Party continues to pride itself on transparency and ethical politics, and we find that Mr. Orlean's actions have proved him unsuitable to represent either."







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22 minutes ago, RonaldDillinger said:

*Comment posted from behind an IP based in Russia*

User: AmericanPatriot69

Profile Picture:


Comment: At least republican have balls unlike democrat!!!! LSNN advertise gun store on gun story??? Very smart fake news media 

You make an excellent point in relation to advertising. I have amended accordingly. Thank you.



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*Comment posted from an IP based in Vinewood, Los Santos*

User: Angela

Comment: You shouldnt be posting this without having the two sides of the story. I was the one who was involved with Alex during that incident. Those charges are totally false, I was never assaulted by him, and we'll prove that in court. This is just a campaign to damage his name and reputation.

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Username: ATCHill

Comment: I would understand removing the candidate for now until seeing whether the charges brought against him are guilty or not guilty verdict, but to remove the candidate even if it turns out it’s a not guilty verdict? What is this? We’re better than this. I’m still voting republican as they put country first and not feelings.

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Username: howardfromvespucci

Comment: lol the republicans defendin an assault wid a deadly wepon loool what if a demo crat assaulted someone and killed someone u woold be all over it... lol it funy to watch you political cronies try n axe the other side it makes me laugh so much hahahahahaha

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User: George Valencia, Future East District Representative

Comment: It's absolutely unfortunate that someone who had been given the opportunity to run for District Representative decided to behave in such a manner. Now, in his defense, I do not know much about the circumstances in regards to the situation.


Still, I applaud the Republican Party for taking quick action on the entirety of the situation, but feel that if this man is proven innocent that you should reconsider and have him proceed with his campaign. After all, in this great nation of ours, an individual is INNOCENT until proven guilty. I feel that this still rings true regardless of the way our media has been doing the opposite in our nation today.

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