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West Side Tongan Posse

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The faction's essential goal is to maintain a high standard of roleplay while trying to illustrate a realistic view of a Tongan Crip Gang. We believe that factions are made and build by people and communities who are capable to develop and create unique characters, so the proper character development stands in the first place. If you would like to roleplay with us, simply approach us in Grove Circle or Covenant Avenue area. We would like you to start “small” and preferably with a backstory which fits the area itself and an appropriate age.


All those characters who are above the age of 16 or “arrived straight from the Liberty City” are not getting accepted in the gang.


If you are planning to join our faction you can freely join our faction discord down bellow.


Link to the faction discord:



If you have any questions in regards to joining, about the faction or even have any tips or would like to get to know anything about the faction, feel free to private-message @Kimo or @Epic.

Faction reserves the right to carry out a character-kill to any character that aspires to become a part of the faction (hangarounds). 

All members must abide by the rules, if broken punishment will be handed out by leadership.

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