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Hello Los Santos,

The Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort would like to announce that we have finished the construction in our Wellness Oasis.

We will now be offering a whole wellness service, alongside massages, special treatments, mud baths, private sauna and private tubs for our wellness guests and patrons during our public openings.

When you are a member at the resort, you do not only get the previous benefits, but also you get 50% off for the wellness treatments.
Also, you are able to use the wellness area as a member outside of public openings, as it will be inclusive in your membership.

The Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort will be opening theirs doors to the public at 8 PM to 10 PM for the following dates:

- 10.03.2021 - Wednesday
- 12.03.2021 - Friday
- 14.03.2021 - Sunday


Pacific Bluffs Beach Resort Management


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20 hours ago, Devil_mike said:

@Robby Hi, I want to ask you if it was possible to buy this pacific bluffs model also with the possibility of customizing it. please

How do you mean buy?

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