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Waknine's Distribution Ring

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Rheotic    169



“It was a sunny Sunday down in Vespucci when multiple automatic shots have been heard echoing through the vicinity. This was the afternoon of Vespucci's residents after an Israeli suspect by the name of Michael Lev shot and killed a woman in her twenties using a Russian AK-74U.  Police officials claim that the shooter, Michael Lev is a known criminal and not just around the city but to police records aswell.


The interview we conducted with the first responder, the Officer who witnessed the murder take place with his own eyes along with the dashcam footage is going to shock you. “I was casually patrolling Vespucci like every Sunday afternoon when I took a turn around the corner only to see the man holding an automatic rifle aimed at a woman and a second after he squeezed the trigger and let a chain of bullets roam in and through the poor woman's body.”


Those were the words of the LSPD official, it is said that after the incarceration of Michael Lev, about five warrants have been executed shortly after where they uncovered a whole functioning marijuana farm, kilos of marijuana, ecstasy and a stockpile of automatic handguns, rifles and shotguns.” -Los Santos Times


Joseph Waknine was first introduced to the Israeli crime circle in Netanya, Israel by a notable crime family. Waknine operated as a runner under "Abraham Hazan" - a close associate who is among the primary influences of Waknine's current repute. Joseph progressively clambered up the echelons through outstanding performances and sharp operation executions. He was merely a disposable man in his initial years but gradually proved otherwise. Throughout the years, it was suggested Joseph should expand his operations in suitable areas deemed profitable, such as the States. The proposition was approved, Waknine proceeded to scale his dope game to Los Santos and has struck prosperity through illicit activities. Waknine's money and hustle is primarily based on the production of ecstasy and outsourcing them to notable criminal figures where they are then distributed to the streets / nightclubs for use. His right hand, Benjamin Waknine identified as his son, recently immigrated to Los Santos for further expansion and distribution throughout the network. Waknine is noted as the main point of contact for distribution, as well as fee and debt collection on the behalf of Joseph.   

Benjamin Waknine was recently released on bail after being charged with a RICO case due to his great involvement in Lev's operation, but due to complications with the case and lack of evidence, Benjamin was bailed out and is currently still fighting his RICO case.

After Michael Lev's arrest and incarceration the two Waknine's officially took over Lev's spot to rule the crown and along with that, the two brought new ideas and more color. It is said the two have already established themselves in Los Santos, rather quickly. The two have decided to operate more quietly and try their best to attract almost to no attention from the authorities after what have happened to the man they've heired the operation from. 


The father & son have already made astonishing progress in getting back on their feet, the two have mainly focused on extortion and blackmail to gain power on official authorities in order to get some inside information, and have corrupt authorities at their request if needed. The operation now-a-days draws it's attention on staying low-key and quiet, collecting information and planting their people at certain businesses to exploit the opportunity of collecting futile information and use it to their advantage, making it a lengthy process. While some of their men are focused on collecting intel, etcetera.


The rest are keeping themselves busy with sting operations where they use women as bait to lure unsuspecting men with sexual desires only to find out the woman they were so tempted to have sexual inter-course with, set them up for a robbery. 


By joining this faction or posting a screenshot on our thread we hold the right to CK your character if leadership deems it right, considering the circumstances. 
You will have to gain screenshot permission first before posting a screenshot. 
If you've got questions or concerns about the faction, private message @Rheotic or @kokaine ron.

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MickeyO    240

Good luck, don't let this die, you got this, watching. ?

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Omerta    319

the return 

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Aazar    1
Posted (edited)

Take it far

Edited by Aazar

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Mor    1

Lets go!

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