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  • 2 weeks later...


Was a long night at The Roadhouse and The Corner the night before, Annabel slept in hoping to enjoy a relaxing day but was she wrong.

She woke up to her phone being blown up by Jaelyn. Sam was murdered by someone and that was all she was told. Jaelyn started ordering her around and giving her no details, thinking she was still the naive girl she once was when they were younger. But times had changed, and Annabel had to grow up when Jaelyn left her outside Odessa. She had found her voice and knew how to use it.

The two argued back and forth slightly but ultimately Annabel did what Jaelyn asked... at least until she found cars parked outside the trailer. She called Doc and Jaelyn, telling them what she saw. They came and got her, escorting her to the local motels. Sadly, Annabel wasn't done, she began fighting with Jaelyn again... wanting to know what was really going on, what Jaelyn got involved in once again, and why Jaelyn never trusted her and Axel. But as usual Jaelyn did what she thought was best, she hid everything and just walked away.

Annabel pissed off and feeling rebellious left. She met up with a fellow Texan, Darcy, and found herself in a familiar place... on a roof and doing drugs. It was only a matter of time before her other bad habits began to resurface and the shy girl became the one thing, she hid and hated the most.


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Annabel searches the city for any signs of Jaelyn as she seems to have vanished after Sam's murder. She begins to think like Jaelyn and her used to back when they were kids, trying to figure out where Jaelyn would run. When a thought pops in her head and she heads to Liquor Ace, rushing to the roof in hopes of finding Jaelyn sitting there, drinking her emotions away... sadly Jaelyn was nowhere to be found. She sits on the air condition unit and slides a small notebook out from her jacket along with a pen, placing it down between her legs before lighting a cigarette as she eyes the skyline, staring at the moon. She begins to write in the book, hoping it would calm herself as she thinks the worst.

"Day 3 - Jaelyn seems to have completely gone off grid. No one else has been around and I have no answers. I find myself slowly slipping back into my old ways and trying to find my next fix. Sadly, this is history repeating itself once again. She brought me along just to abandon me once again except this time, I was left with no answers. All I know is Sam is dead and Jaelyn has gone off radar. We were told to stay in a motel, but sadly I can't. It's where I overdosed and refuse to put myself in a relapse position. But it seems that will already be my situation, smoked weed and popped pills for the first time in a long time... then I almost got into a fight with off duty Deputies. Ax came later and almost killed the guy for trying to get with me while he is married. Everything is so fucked up... my cover of being the same shy naive girl is slowly vanishing and all I want to do is hurt someone. Sadly Ax is getting the shit end of the stick on this... at this point I hope Jaelyn never comes back because I may actually hit her. This is Odessa all over again except this time... my temper won't be controlled by the time she comes back."

A few tears begin to roll down the side of her face as she closes the notebook, tucking it away. She eyes the skyline and takes a few pulls on her cigarette before she speaks to herself.

"Where th'a fuck are ya' JJ 'n what have ya' got yourself into this time."

She slides off the air conditioning unit and heads down to into the store, grabbing a bottle of Jack Daniels off the shelf before venturing out to her truck. She peels off and heads back to the city, staying somewhere no one knows.


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