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The O'Neill Mob


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The O’Neill Mob, or sometimes referred to as the O’Neill Gang is the name of a criminal organization of county-based criminal elements and profiles gathering together under leadership from old-timer Reinhart ‘Rhino’ O’Neill. The organization holds base in Blaine County and is known to take part in anything varying from weapons- & drug-running, prostitution, gambling, robbery & murder. With most members and associates being found as locals within Blaine County, the members of the organization would generally be seen as members of the lower-income part of society. The group itself can be considered somewhat similar to the Dixie Mafia in many senses of organization and process. But they do not claim to be part of it or even affiliate remotely with them. The fact of the matter is that many Southern states originated criminal organizations get the term used about them, as a general reference.



According to a gang expert quoted in the Las Vegas Review Journal, the Dixie Mafia "wasn't a familial group like the real Mafioso, where you had a pecking order. In the Dixie Mafia, the guy that had the bankroll was the one that led the pack." According to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement official quoted in the same article, members were simply "cowboys riding up and down the roads looking for someone to steal from or kill." They were, and are, a lawless, reckless bunch living hair-trigger lifestyles that can be set off by women, money, or alcohol.


The roots of the organization lay many years back when Reinhart got discharged from the army. A dishonorable discharge for sedition. Reinhart will never admit to this though and holds fast that he left honorably at the rank of Sergeant. As a result of this, Reinhart got involved in a smuggling ring, traveling from state to state, crossing the lines in order to move whatever goods got moved. It was during these times he ran into three like-minded men and small-time criminals; Judge ‘JC’ Carter, Cash ‘Money’ Bennett & Hunter ‘Kenny’ Jackson. This was the beginning of the group or the mob as they liked to call themselves from time to time. A traveling group of criminals performing crimes as they passed through different states in search of an easy dollar.


A charismatic Reinhart convinced the men that he could lead them to a life of wealth and respect, should they only follow his path of utilizing every member’s various skills for monetary gains. Very much so in the line of various categories with criminal elements of course. Reinhart’s violent past and nature caused the younger men of the group to follow his lead, and their loyalty gave the group their reputation. Reinhart likes to see the organization as one big family, and associates of the group get pulled in or even lulled into the family aspect of it all, where they force upon them their traditions and values. Not so much a brainwash, as bringing people in to be a part of something bigger - something of a collective. Taking outsiders and outcasts and bringing them into the arms of a welcoming organization that could provide them with help and home when needed, were always strong arguments for the man on his path to glory. Shaping and forming the organization along the way. The only price to be paid by members is that they make their worth and value to pay for what they’re given by the group itself. Protection and support at a very low cost.




The organization performs a variety of illegal elements to fund its projects. They keep their strong family standards high and value their structure as a group more than anything. But on everyone’s mind in such areas, money stands tall - and the end game for many of the members is to make enough money to get out of the current life they hold. By any means possible. But many of the older members of the organization have found this to be the way of life, and merely seek to uphold what has been started, keeping the continuation going. Life of crime and violence has become every-day life, and although they shape themselves to modern times, the widespread county allows them to perform various actions without much policing and oversight to stop them. The group has used and continues to use this to its advantage. 


“They were just a loosely knit bunch of thug guys that got together that robbed, murdered, and killed. Anything that they could for a dollar they did.”


Although leadership is loosely based within the organization. As every prominent member may call shots to different situations, the structure comes down to who holds the most influence and money to make things happen. Family ideals at heart, it is still widely recognized that when a prominent member orders something done, it gets carried out and the order does not get crossed. The group does hold onto Southern heritage and pride strongly. This probably derived from Reinhart’s strong opinions on the matter. Forcing his thoughts and ideas on the leading figures. Although not every member is discriminating when it comes to outsiders and other groups, the mob as a collective is known to throw both racial slurs and have strongly negative opinions in regards to outsiders in the sense of both trust and social actions performed.


The organization finds itself focused mainly around their businesses around Sandy Shores & Route 68, but their associates and members have been known to spread all over Blaine County and take advantage of the widespread and empty land. Not all members hold a criminal record although many of the prominent members of the group have found themselves in constant trouble with the law due to their acting out. 


Out of Character

The O’Neill Mob is attempting to portray a realistic environment for people that wish to roleplay within a county-based community. With both aspects of crime and legal enterprises at hand for any and all members, the aspect of the faction will always be within the bounds of an outlaw group based in Blaine County. The faction wishes to uphold and create RP within the county for anyone that wishes to be a part of it. We seek to entertain and create a roleplay environment and community for those of you that want a change from the city environment. Although loosely based around the Dixie Mafia structure and heritage, this is by no means based around that and will be considered more of a group of people getting together as a community of various personalities.


The faction reserves the right to character kill people involved with it so long as the reasoning behind it is there. We will never character kill without reason and it will always be considered the final option. It is expected that people associated get permission from a full member before any screenshots are posted. Portrayal and quality stand high within the faction, and all members are expected to uphold these standards at all times. 


We welcome locals of Blaine County to also tag along in our roleplay, being a local does not give us the right to character kill your character. We invite everyone that wishes to tag along to get involved.


Questions or the wish to join the discord can be directed to @Esc & @Nos.

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