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A (possible?) fix for faces.


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I'm sure if you spent a bit of time playing GTA W you saw that some photos that your friends take of your character don't look right.
For example...

This ugly fella.
Kill it right?
Well he should actually look like this...
Well...still ugly, bit less... and more done with life. (He's friendly, I promise...)

So! How did I fix it that my character looks the same to me and people around me?
A friend of mine helped me out ( @NoemiVic ) and it worked.
So follow these easy steps and see if it works! 

1. Go to a plastic surgery place.
2. Don't use this menu! As I tried to fix my face with this one and It didn't work. ?
3. Use the command /surgery 
When you see this pop up, start typing out the attributes from your character, that you got from the UCP.
So! The trick is that you set the numbers in order AND if you have some attributes that are set to 100 or -100 it won't sync and mess up your face for other people, same with 0's. You want to set it up that it's not 100 but 95, not -100 but -95 and not 0 but 1 or -1.
This is how my attributes look.

As you see no 100's, -100's or 0's.
It worked for me, so please test it out and comment if it helped you out.
Maybe you won't need to do /hat on every second when meeting a new player! ?

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1 minute ago, Sixth said:

I don't get this /hat on thing? I have to do /hat off because I'm a biker and helmets. But what does /hat on do?


Some times the faces are messed up, and doing /hat on syncs them for the player that is nearby you, so you would constantly would have to do /hat on command so your face looks right for other people.

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Just now, Sixth said:

I don't get this /hat on thing? I have to do /hat off because I'm a biker and helmets. But what does /hat on do?


What /hat on, /shirt on etc. do is that it updates your character. Due to the sync issues - your face will show up as if all of your sliders were stuck at 0 and /hat on resyncs your face to what it's supposed to look like.

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Never knew this was a thing! Though I did see someone else's screenshot of my character once and was like huh.. must be what she looks like for them and just accepted it. Will give this a try! Thanks!

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