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Faction / Business Budget Requests [CLOSED]

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  • UCP name:
  • Source character name / hours played:
  • Amount of money requested: $
  • Is this a weekly or monthly request?
  • What faction / business do you require these funds for?
  • Why do you require this funding? (minimum of 200 words)
  • With this money what will you be doing to enhance roleplay?
  • Why do you think it would be realistic for you to receive these funds?


Faction leadership / Business owners are the only ones who should send in requests. Please send all requests to @Pillsbury, @Doosty and @MrsHamster with the title: LFM Budget Request - [NAME OF FACTION/BUSINESS] via forum PM.


Note: Although you will be receiving funds from LFM, the funds are to be roleplayed as being received from the Los Santos state government (by default). If it would not make sense for your faction to receive money from the government, you may roleplay having received the money in a manner that makes the most sense for your faction. Abuse of this will result in a faction strike and the funds being removed.


Note (2): These funds will only be distributed to factions / businesses who are large enough and provide a beneficial service to the server as a whole that may not grant them enough money to survive otherwise.


Note (3): Weekly requests will only be granted to factions / businesses who are active enough to where a weekly request would be warranted. If FM feels your faction isn't active enough for a weekly request, we will offer you a monthly request instead.


Note (4): Monthly requests are capped at 200,000 and weekly requests are capped at 50,000.


Note (5): You do not have to be a faction to request funds. We will provide funding to businesses as well.


Note (6): LFM budget requests only apply to legal factions and businesses.

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