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Apex Logistics | Cypress Flats


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Apex Logistics

Est. April 2020


Website: Soon™

((Post to be updated in the coming days))


Apex Logistics was founded by the late Jacob Fletcher who spearheaded the company's formation in it's early days. Since, Jessica Williams has taken over as Operations Manager and, backed by the amazing team, is continuing to push the company to new frontiers.


The company operates out of Cypress Flats in a prime location with direct access to the Southern Los Santos Dockyard. 


The current fleet is one of the largest within the sector and continues to grow with new investments. You can recognise us by our blue vehicles!



Our goal is to provide a sustainable and efficient logistics solution across Los Santos and the greater area. We do this by providing adequate training to our drivers and keeping our standards for recruitment and retention high.


Our Services

We supply components all across LS City and the greater state to a range of businesses. We also offer our services for private orders where small or large quantities of items need to be transported. We can offer in-house security for these shipments too.


If you would like to enquire for a quote please email [email protected] ((Forum PM @Tree)).


Available Jobs

We currently offer a variety of jobs, many of which can be held concurrently to one another:

  • Driver (split into multiple classes)
  • Fleet Technician
  • Human Resources
  • Supervisor
  • Dispatcher
  • Security
  • Secretary
  • Facility Team


If you would like to apply for a job please email [email protected] ((Forum PM @Tree)).


Systems & Attitude

We utilise multiple systems to ensure our performance in the field: an advanced dispatch system to assist in trending data, tracking on all of our vehicles to ensure the safety of our drivers and your product, and most importantly a positive atmosphere throughout the entire company.


Copyright © 2020 Apex Logistics Ltd | Apex Logistics, Cypress Flats, Hanger Way, Los Santos, San Andreas

GPS: "Apex Logistics"



We are lenient with activity as long as employees keep us informed. Extended periods of inactivity, without communication, will result in removal.

We actively remove drivers who don't roleplay to a high enough standard.

Our aim is to set the bar for other companies to follow - removing some of the grinding that the trucking script breeds.



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