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Imex Logistics, subsidiary of Busch Harland is the largest logistics company all over the State of San Andreas. Counting with the most up-to-date fleet and the best professionals working with us, we have made our customers associate our name to reliability and excellence in the service provided.


Job Name: Human Resource Consultants


Description: Depending of the subsidiary HR Manager, the Human Resource Consultant will be in charge of the following responsibilities:

- Hiring drivers according with the demand comming from the operations department

- Ensure the following of the rules stablished by direction

- Deal with claims and issues raised by our workers concerning their contracts or professional/personal situation

- Provide psychological support to all the workers

- Assist to trainings and company events


 Requirements: The candidate must be a person strongly determined and able to face problems in order to solve them. Having people skills is a must. Preferably, the candidate will have a degree in HR, psychology or similar


Previous experience: Not needed, but preferably.


Salary:  $12.000,00 a day; divided in 3 hour payments of $4.000,00 each.


Weekly bonus based on results.


Working Hours: completely flexible to be decided by the candidate.


If the offer suits you, please send an email to: [email protected]


((OOC leave a comment below RPing leaving your contact details, or pm me on forum or on discord (BertoV#9051)  ))



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