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We Give The Second Chance

The San Andreas Homeless Relief Fund is currently seeking generous donations to aid in reduction of the high levels of homelessness in the State of San Andreas. As statistics have shown, many Americans have either lost their homes due to natural disasters, fires or even had their homes reclaimed by the bank. As a result, many adults and even young children who have been abandoned from their parents are suffering and fighting to survive in the cold, lonely and harsh streets.


The (SAHRF) which is being handled by the renowned George Ferri Foundation is working earnestly to get our fellow Americans off the streets and placed in proper homing facilities. Preventative measures are also being explored and exercised by The George Ferri Foundation by assisting individuals to stay in their current accommodation, finding new places of residence, disaster relief housing, and even giving away vehicles from his automotive dealership to help homeless people find easy transportation. This has greatly increased their odds for employment.


The San Andreas Home Relief Fund, privately owned and managed needs your help and generous donations to see this cause succeed and slow the growth of homelessness and suffering, regardless of gender, sexuality or race. The San Andreas Home Relief Fund seeks to gather resources from private entities, government grants and good Samaritans to distribute wealth to those who need it the most - the homeless.


"Those suffering need to be given attention, a voice and most importantly resources to overcome the burdens that modern society forces on them." - George Ferri



Donations can be made by clicking the button below.

Only donators will have the option to post comments




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