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Varrio Rancho 13


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OOC Information

Varrio Rancho 13 attempts to portray a completely fictional sureño gang which only exists within Los Santos. Due to this liberties have been taken to come up with and promote original ideas instead of relying on such from real life counterparts. The faction strives to maintain a high level of roleplay and even though the gang itself is completely fictional, it still abides by the laws of sureño gang politics. Those who are interested in roleplaying with us can do so by approaching the Rancho projects area at an appropriate age with a solid backstory.

The faction primarily focuses on heavy roleplay within the area itself instead of constant conflicts outside. There is an emphasis on mature and dark roleplay content, something that anyone wishing to roleplay with us should expect. Rancho itself is a poverty driven and unsupported section of the city, all faction members should be ready to roleplay around this properly.

Faction leadership reserves the right to Character Kill (CK) any individual within the gang or that wishes to be a part of it as long as the reasoning is sound. Character Kills are not taken lightly and are always a last resort method that are not commonly carried out.

For further information or questions please join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Ep8V6Uv

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