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Varrio Rancho 13


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Varrio Rancho 13 is a sureño gang that emerged in the Rancho area of south Los Santos by a group of youngsters, after a revolution within the area. The South Side Rancheros were once part of the South Side Tokers, however after years of internal issues stemming from discontent and generational gaps the gang would eventually split and form their own clique which would gradually absorb much of the Tokers territory and status. However, before this internal ‘revolution’ an attempt by a local OG to bring unity to the various sureño cliques had taken place under the guise of it being called ‘Barrio Rancho Nueva Generación’, this attempt would be short lived however and did little to stop the rise of the Ranchero clique.


Due to the sharp rise of gang activity, along with the extensive violence that ensued over the few years since it’s formal establishment, it wasn't long before the South Side Rancheros were within the sights of law enforcement. The gang received its first major indictments in 2017 with high profiles arrests ensuing throughout 2018 to 2019, these arrests included notorious figures such as ‘Big Smiley’ Espinoza, Fernando ‘Spider’ Perez and even Samuel ‘Baldy’ Mosqueda who was given almost eighty years in Bolingbroke State Pen for his activities as a founding member and prominent leader of the gang.



The gang was largely devastated by a series of police operations against them, resulting in many of it’s newly developed cliques gradually becoming defunct. Many OG’s and established gang members were still engaged in illegal activities but a significant portion of them had landed in prison and recruitment gradually slowed as well. This lapse in power, as well as a rising African-American population meant that other sets would step in where the Ranchero’s pulled back leading to a short series of violent conflicts for control over the tenements.




In late 2020 however, Luis 'Big Smiley' Espinoza was released from Bolingbroke, he had spent the years he was locked up building a considerable reputation as well as numerous connections including his association with the infamous Mexican Mafia. When he hit the streets he put his skills to the test, rallying together much of the remaining Ranchero veterans to make a play to take back territory seen as having been ‘lost’ due to lapses that had occurred in the absence of effective leadership. 


This new clique soon began a massive recruitment campaign, primarily targeting young Latino’s in the area to participate in street level criminal activity and to act as ‘soldiers’ for the new bosses. Big Smiley & his new-found associates would quickly find themselves extorting and taxing local dealers in the Rancho area, including a set of Bloods, all the while setting the foundation for another resurgence of the historic Rancho gang.

(Credits to @Writer @Vindus @Thimble for the work done on this thread and images)

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VARRIO RANCHO TRECE   Varrio Rancho 13 is a sureño gang that emerged in the Rancho area of south Los Santos by a group of youngsters, after a revolution within the area. The South Side Ranche


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OOC Information

Varrio Rancho 13 attempts to portray a completely fictional sureño gang which only exists within Los Santos. Due to this liberities have been taken to come up with and promote original ideas instead of relying on such from real life counterparts. The faction strives to maintain a high level of roleplay and even though the gang itself is completely fictional, it still abides by the laws of sureño gang politics. Those who are interested in roleplaying with us can do so by approaching the Rancho projects area at an appropriate age with a solid backstory.

The faction primarily focuses on heavy roleplay within the area itself instead of constant conflicts outside. There is an emphasis on mature and dark roleplay content, something that anyone wishing to roleplay with us should expect. Rancho itself is a poverty driven and unsupported section of the city, all faction members should be ready to roleplay around this properly.

Faction leadership reserves the right to Character Kill (CK) any indiviudal within the gang or that wishes to be a part of it as long as the reasoning is sound. Character Kills are not taken lightly and are always a last resort method that are not commonly carried out.

For further information or questions please join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Ep8V6Uv

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