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Taxi job

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Feature Showcase: Taxi job



/taxi - Calling for a taxi. The on duty taxi drivers will receive a notification about this request.
/taxistart - Go on duty as a taxi driver.
/taxistop - Go off duty as a taxi driver.
/taxiaccept - Accepting a request when you're on duty as a taxi driver.
/taxicancel - Cancel the request (customer) / Cancel the accepted request (driver). In both cases, the customer as well as the driver are informed.
/taxidone - The taxi driver finishes the accepted request.
/fare [amount] - Sets the taxi fare. Set to $10,- by default. Must be between $1,- and $100,-.
/taxirent - Extend the rental time for the rented taxi.
/stoptaxirent - Stop renting the taxi. 

Job information


Before you can start working as a taxi driver, there are a few requirements. First of all you need a valid taxi license to be able to work as a taxi driver. A player is able to obtain a taxi license at the License Registration. Once you have a valid taxi license, the second thing you need is a taxi of course. You can either buy one yourself or rent one for 30 minutes at Downtown Cab Co. (taxi rental section). 


Location for taxi license



Location Downtown Cab Co. & taxi rental



Taxi requests

So now the player has all the things they need to be able to work as a taxi driver. The player has to be on duty in order to receive the incoming/pending calls. Once a call comes in the taxi driver receives a notification who is requesting a call. After accepting the request, the driver will receive the phone number as well and it will automatically set a GPS location to the customer. Note: the GPS coordinates will be at the location of which the customer called from, not where the customer currently is. 

A player can only make one taxi request and the taxi driver can only accept one request. The (accepted) request can be cancelled by both the taxi driver as well as the customer.


With the size of the map and some people are not familiar with locations yet, there is an additional feature. If the player sets a waypoint on their map, it will automatically update/set the waypoint for the taxi driver.


Request notificiations for the driver




Request information for the driver after accepting it.




The taxi driver is able to set the fare between $1,- and $100,-, with the default fare being $10,-. The taxi meter can be started and stopped by the taxi driver with use of the commands. If the taxi is not moving, the fare automatically pauses.



The money will not be automatically taken from the player, you will need to roleplay it.


Taxi rental

If a player doesn't want to buy a taxi themselves or doesn't have the cash for it, they can rent a vehicle at Downtown Cab Co. for 30 minutes for $300,-. A reminder will be shown to the taxi tenant when the remaining time is 1 and 5 minutes. When there is 5 minutes or less rental time remaining, a player is able add another 30 minutes to it. This will not replace the remaining time, but will add the full 30 minutes. The player is also able to stop the rental before the time ends. However, there may be additional fees for the player, which is described in the next section.





There are two types of fees, towing fees and damage fees. When a player doesn't return a rented taxi to the spawn location, they will be charged a fee of $300,-. This is added to avoid having spawned taxis throughout the city. When a rented taxi is returned damaged or is completely destroyed, the player is charged a damage fee of $250,-. The fees will be registered in the player debts and either be deducted upon paycheck or the player can decide to pay them sooner by using /paydebts.


Temporary saved data

All the data from the taxi driver is stored for 10 minutes. This will give the player enough time to reconnect to the server and continue their roleplay. If the player doesn't return within the 10 minutes, the data will be lost and they have to start over with the job. 

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