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Synchronized Vehicle Extras


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Short description: Sync the extras on vehicles with them (ex. pushbars, taxi toppers, etc.)

Detailed description: Essentially right now, all random components on vehicles are controlled client-side. In speaking to @Westen, he said such a thing could be server-synced, as opposed to something relying on RAGE. It would be nice for variables to be synced, and, if possible, specifically set at auto shops.

Commands to add: N/A

Items to add: N/A

How would your suggestion improve the server? It would allow people to further modify their vehicles visually in ways that are ordinarily left random.

Additional information:


I'll provide screens below of the four rooftop taxi extras. I repeatedly have to spawn through the first two extra options to get to the latter two, as the NVR distributed through the LSPD makes the ad tops blinding. All four of these are separate, unsynced extras that appear on both models of taxis currently available. I'm harping on the cabs because they're probably the most readily noticeable and visually important extras. Even if we can't find a way to have a specific one set on spawn, it would be nice to be able to manually pick the variable for your vehicle once it's in the game. If we can find a way to have one specific set on spawn, I'd recommend it be something through auto-body shops same as everything else.


Quick edit: While not part of the extras shown here, there are versions with both the taxi lights illuminated and shut off. We're apparently getting control over this with a command in the update that fixes the taxi meter/dispatch system. Something else to look forward to!


Second edit: Changed 'variables' and alike to 'extras' because I'm an idiot who forgot the proper name.






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Vehicle "extras", as they are properly known, should be able to be chosen through the vehicle mod as a tickbox option where the user can select more than one for the same item purchase at a mod shop. This is because in some vehicles multiple extras rely on one another to look in their intended way. And... nobody wants to pay stupid amounts to add or remove a cupholder in their car.

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Extras! Thank you. I kept forgetting the damn word. I'll fix the title. And I get that. I'm not saying they're all equal or should cost an arm and a leg. I'm just providing an optional way to do things. I'd completely forgotten that the interior variant pieces were also extras, which is a very good way to describe this whole thing too! Appreciate your input, and I'd agree on doing it that way at the mod shop. I hope we can actually get to that point and have them synced and editable.

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