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Loading vehicles onto trailers/into trucks


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Short description: Add functionality to load small vehicles (bikes/quads/jetskis) into a truck or onto a trailer.

Detailed description: I run an excursion based company. I need to move my jetski's to different bodies of water, but there's no way for me to do that unless I reach out to an admin. I'm not allowed to use /fixveh and spawn them and having them in the fleet spawns them at my business garage where I have no way to move into the water.

I am suggesting that I could buy a truck or some kind of flatbed, then have a new set of commands to allow me to load my vehicles and transport them. Not in bulk, only a realistic amount, so 2 jetskis, 3 sanchez, 2 ATV's for example. This would be RP'd fully.You would park the truck or trailer infront of the vehicle to transport and, whilst sat on said vehicle, use the new commands to load and unload.

Commands to add: /loadvehicle, /unloadvehicle

Items to add: N/A

How would your suggestion improve the server? By allowing players to RP moving equipment from one location to another, opening up more RP options for businesses. Then jetskis can be easily added to the fleet and garage of a business on land.

Additional information: I asked an admin for permission to sparingly use /fixveh to achieve this and fully roleplay moving the vehicle but my request was denied. This is the better IC friendly option.

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Would be great if you could load bikes and other vehicles into trucks, even bicycles and such for trips! Would make for pretty interesting RP and an easy way of doing it.

Big +1 to this!

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Instead of maybe getting said flatbed yourself you could reach out to a company and have them moved and provide rp to others that already offers such transportation services. ?


Would love to have our flatbed trailer have the ability to script wise move vehicles so an admin don't have to waste their valuable time with cases like that.


+2 on this as my supervisor @GameBurrow likely agrees. 

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Small vehicles like motorcycles and ATVs should be able to be transported in pick-up trucks. You could realistically tow three or four bikes with just 1 pick-up and small trailer; a flatbed would be overkill.







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