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Additional Clothing Pack for 1.1

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Hey everybody!


Some of you might know me, I'm Oggy and I'm one of the people responsible for adding mods to the server. As many know, we usually do not create mods from scratch. We edit mods, we create the DLCs and make it ready for the server. So far our focus has been on minor fixes and vehicle mods, but we are hoping for that to change ?


One of the big things, that was added about six months ago now, was the clothing update for the Sheriff's Department, Fire Department and the Police Department. It is the biggest DLC on the server and sadly, due to the addition of these uniforms, some people lost access to some items they were used to having, due to Rage:MPs 255 clothing ID limit. With the 1.1 update for Rage:MP, this issue will disappear. This already means, people will get access to a lot more clothing items than before, and some old ones will re-appear. We are looking forward to that already. 


Due to this, we are now starting to plan out a clothing update for when 1.1 is released and with it, we want to add more items for everybody to use. And this is where you come in, cause we do need your help. There are a ton of mods out there. There are also a ton of people, who are working on mods and textures, specifically for clothing. We need your help finding some of these mods in order to maybe add them.


One thing I want to make clear for this topic, this is not a discussion / debate topic, whether or not a mod should be added. We would love to see everything suggested and then we can go and compile the mods from that point on.


Following mods can be suggested, you should however be aware that we have not figured out a technique to make them add ons yet:


  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Pants (For some reason, they tend to not spawn. We will try to figure that one out.)


The rest, just post it. The more the better. I just need everyone to understand, that posting mods is not a guarantee they will be added. It depends on size of the mod, texture and whether or not it fits into the game.


Also, we are only looking for clothing items as of now. Hair is something we will be looking into at a later date. Body mods is not something we are looking into as of right now.

Clothing only. No "asking to create" requests. Links!

INFO FOR FACTIONS: Requests for your faction specifically, need to go through FM. Legal Factions still go through Legal FM. Illegal factions should be going through illegal FM.


Should you be directly interested in working on clothing specific mods, feel free to reach out to me.


Thank you all ?


- Oggy


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Top Posters In This Topic

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Hey everybody!   Some of you might know me, I'm Oggy and I'm one of the people responsible for adding mods to the server. As many know, we usually do not create mods from scratch. We edit mo

Thanks y'all for tagging me, besides the stuff I posted on my modpack so far I got some new stuff I could add server side as well. Here's a peek at it: Tops Tucked in T-shirts Tucked in t

FYI, compilation has begun. We are going through whatever is and is not usable. Thank you all for your contribution, we are doing our best to make this an amazing update.

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One of the things I think are missing are more 'everyday' clothes for female characters. Clothing seems to be quite 'explicit' or to be something that would realistically be difficult/inconvenient to wear as normal, everyday, boring old clothes - this is more prominent in hair (although, per instructions, I haven't listed these), I've found some mods to help rectify this and I consider these to be somewhat 'must-haves' moving forward.


Going to tag @kilerbite as I'm sure they have some good ideas of their own.



https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/mp-female-clothing-mini-pack-1-0 (One of the best)


https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/executive-assistant-jeans-for-mp-female (Needed mostly for black jeans - currently we don't have any excl. some with poor detailing from base game)



https://gtaland.net/gta-5-mods/gta-5-skins/mp-female-clothes-v-1.html (Maybe some in here - not sure as I haven't looked at the texture files myself.)


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Would love to see iGhoul's clothing modifications added at some point, maybe excluding the actual IRL branded stuff but hey, sure that can be sorted further down the line.



From THIS point on my reply might get a little messy so forgive me, either way here we go...




^ excluding all the military looking stuff there's a nice pack of tucked in simple t-shirts I'd love to be added, used them in SP and they're fine for the most part, here's a screen or two.






BOTH these hoodies:





(One's already on the server, it's just restricted to PD for some reason so hey, admins get on that!)


These shorts with textured socks, think the IGhoul has something similar but hey, more the better right?




Nice leather jacket converted from SP




Both these for male and female





100% need something like this too




I'll be sure to edit this reply if I find any others I'd love to be added, was gonna post the majority "-CREATIONS-" mods but I'm sure everyone'll beat me to it.



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Just curious about one thing. I know it's not really related to the topic itself but I will ask here since it's about 1.1 mods.


What about the hairs? There's duplicated hairs for both female and males. I assume the duplicated hairs were supposed to be legit hair mods and due to some rage limitation they got bugged. Anyone that has more experience than I do can enlighten me on this one?


Also I will tag @kilerbite for some hot clothing mods.



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