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Imperial Autos Garage - Repairs and Modifications


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Imperial Autos Garage is the oldest and most active garage in LS, it being open since August 2019. 



Imperial Autos Garage is the number one garage in Davis, priding itself on top-quality service and efficient work.



With it's reasonable and accessible prices, it allows everybody in the city and county to have their vehicle treated or repaired properly.




We specialise in JDM and European imported vehicles, specially in Annis, Karin and Dinka.

While all of our mechanics are also car enthusiasts, don't just come for a tune-up, but also let us give you some council and tips! Don't let your muscle car friends brag about their big motor and show them how engine isn't it all!


Along with our standard service, we also do engine swaps, ECU remapscoilover replacements, turbo and twin-turbo installationstransmission rebuild and much more!


If the vehicle has to stay with us for more than 5 hours, we will also provide the customers a replacement car with all the guarantees for them to be able to keep travelling around the city as if nothing happened!




For more information contact Oscar Martinez at [email protected] ((@Oscar Martinez)) and 737-4973 or Alexis Rae ara[email protected] ((@MerTHero)) and 9710-8633.




((OOC note: Imperial Autos will keep opening with in game ads (/bad) and responding to the mechanic hotline calls as usual. But this forum thread is rather intended in attracting another type of roleplayers (following Skunkworks' initiative), allowing them to leave their cars at the garage for several days, and hand them a replacement car))

((OOC note 2: The replacement car system will be done through /sellvehicle (both for the replacement car, and the customer's vehicle), in which case both parties sign an IC contract and engage themselves OOCly to /sellvehicle it back to the other party once the IC contract is over.))




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