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Character Age & Description

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St3fan[NL]    382
Feature Showcase: Character Age & Description



Your character's age will now be required as well as additional information explaining specific characteristics about your character. This way everyone will have their description filled out for when other players interact with your character. You will be prompted a menu upon spawning if either your age or description is not filled out.


You can only age your character up but not down. If you have valid reasons to age your character down you can /report and an admin will decide if your reason is valid enough to get your age lowered.


Examples for the attributes/description:

- Height

- Weight

- Scars/Damaged skin

- Smells of perfume or other odors

- Anything that makes your character stand out or is visible IC but is script wise not possible due to RageMP.




/characterdetails (chardetails) - This will bring up the menu to edit your existing description. 
Pressing i to open the Personal Menu will also have an option to edit your character details.


/examine - This allows you to examine another player's description and age. (Note: seeing the age OOCly does not mean you know someone's exactly that age, they could look younger or older than their age, always read the description as well.)





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