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Multiple Script Wise Drug Items


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Short description: Add script drug items

Detailed description: Being as this is a roleplay server and whatnot I think it would be a great idea if the server implemented a assortment of narcotics that can be used script-wise, those being: Codeine; Pills (Xanax, Oxycodone, MDMA, etc); and the drinkable drugs should have a animation to it, like for instance the Codeine being in a double cup housing. These are some of my suggestions for drug use from the players on the community who roleplay gang-life or recreational drug uses, and seeing as their is a clinic where players can obtain these types of prescriptions this addition would be perfect to add to enhance the experience a tad bit more. The server if they implement this suggestion into it should slowly make your character try to overcome their addiction via losing health slowly to simulate deteriorating slowly as the drug grabs a hold of them. I only say that last part as most of the drugs are Opiods including the Codeine which is considered to be liquid heroin, and can kill you if consumed in large amounts, which brings me to another point, if you abuse these drugs when prescribed them and consume them in large quantities that being dependent on your body weight your character should be able to overdose and be CK’d if not saved within due time, I just feel this would give players a little boundaries as to how much drugs they can consume when it comes to these.

Commands to add: N/A

Items to add: Codeine Promethazine, Xanax/Alprazolam, Oxycodone/Percocet, MDMA/Ecstasy, and any prescription drug that can be obtained from your general doctor/psychiatrist in real life.

How would your suggestion improve the server? My suggestion would greatly impact the server by adding a list of featured drugs that riddle our real life streets today and giving the players a bit of a more immersive roleplay experience, adding effects to each drug use, making the Codeine swirl your screen around and slow down movement speed, making Xanax fade your screen in and out simulating its real life effect, and etc and so on, gang-life would be different, as well as recreational drug use, and being that most drugs i’ve mentioned are opiods, these are the most addictive when abused and can destroy your characters life if not consumed daily, so it could also make your character go from being a millionaire to losing everything just to be able to feed their addiction.

Additional information:

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Codeine is not 'liquid heroin' and cannot kill you unless taken in extremely large amounts at or above the LD 50, and way above the recreational dose.

In fact, there is an upper limit to how much codeine your liver can transform into morphine. Past a certain point, it won't make you higher.


tldr its a shit drug but I do support its inclusion for gang and junkie rp - it should be purchasable in 24/7s at a rate of 1-2 boxes per day from the same shop.

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6 hours ago, DLimit said:

In other terms, providing legitimate pharmacies with the ability to manufacture key pharmaceutical drugs that could be exploited for recreational use? SUPPORTED!

+1, supported

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